Rocketship Charter Schools Are Closing The Gaps In Poor Education

In the basement of a church in San Jose, California, a new school arose. The school is Rocketship Education and they have made incredible steps in the journey of how children learn. They are always open to the idea of change and how change impacts the lives of children who are learning. During their first 10 years, Rocketship has learned a number of things that helps make them better in the end. Here is some of those things they’ve learned:

Learning is Done Not Only In The Classroom

Rocketship earned headlines for the fact that they offer personalized learning. They remain positive that by purposeful integration with technology, it is able to support how students learn as well as to how the student succeeds in school but they also know that the children have to learn outside of the classroom. By bringing the families into the learning process of the student, the student is better able to hold on and retain the information it is learning within the classroom. By bringing the family into the learning process, the parent is also engaged and empowered when it comes to how the student is learning.

Change Requires Demand

Because Rocketship understands the purpose of education, they also understand how tempting the idea is to have a school which offers classes to grades K-12 however they stand firm in the thought of how it will lose the benefit of better education if it expands to 12th grade. By focusing on the younger generation, the children are able to be focused more upon in the younger ages. While expanding is a great idea, they feel that they will lose the ability to engage parents if they expand the ages they serve.

Leadership is Key

By bringing parent leadership programs to the forefront, it helps families to exercise the power to request and demand attention from political figures. It also works to hold those leaders accountable for their actions and to enable high standards from public school systems. Because they only cover ages k-5, the idea is to have parents engaged as well as organizing and advocating for the students.