The Career Accomplishments of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an accomplished private equity investor, businessman, and sports team owner. Edens is the owner of the League of Legends. Wes Edens is also a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks. Wesley is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Edens has served at Fortress as a Co-chairman, Principle, Head of Private Equity, and Chief Investment Officer. Wes Edens served at Fortress from 1998 to 2003 as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.Wes is a highly experienced individual who has served in numerous other reputable companies. For instance, from 2002 to 2007, he served at Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC as the CEO. Wes Edens also joined Eurocastle Investment Ltd where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. His other notable career accomplishment is serving at Global Signal Inc. as the President.

Wes Edens also was the CEO of other international companies such as Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc. and Capstead Mortgage Corp. Wes is an alumnus of Oregon State University where he pursued Business Administration and Finance. Edens also has gained extensive experience as a director of multinational companies. Wes is an expert in private equity management and finance. Currently, he is a chairman of numerous companies such as Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, Drive Shack Inc., New Media Investment Group Inc., Mapeley Limited, and Springleaf Finance, Inc.In 1984, Edens graduated from Oregon State University and got his first job at Lehman Brother in 1987.

At Lehman Brothers, he served between 1987 and 1993. Later on, he joined BlackRock Asset Investors as a managing director. Edens is popularly known for his recent $550 million purchase of Bucks where he partnered with Marc Lasry. The two planned to construct a new arena for the basketball team. In 2006, Wes led the acquisition of Center Home Equity Company, LLC by Fortress in 2006 for $575 million. Wesley is a family man who is married to Lynn. The two have four adorable children. His youngest daughter is Mallory. Despite his busy career schedule, Wes creates time to enjoy with his family and hobbies. Some of his hobbies include mountain climbing and horse jumping.

End Citizens United Chooses Their Roster

As the 2018 mid-term approaches PAC organization End Citizens United releases its advocation of political candidates. The organization is devoted to getting advocates for election reform seated, and investigates candidates it believes are guilty of accepting money from corporations. Before elections ECU looks at candidates who will work to end Citizens Unites and the precedent it sets.End Citizens Unites is the PAC borne of the 2010 Supreme Court Decision in favor of Citizens United. The decision redefined the first amendment as pertaining to both individual and corporations. It effectively removed any and all limitations Big Money had, allowing campaign contributions to come in bulk.

One of the candidates being advocated for by ECU is Randy Brice.Randy Brice is a former iron worker and veteran who is aiming for the Speaker of the House seat about to be evacuated by Paul Ryan. The candidate relies on small donations to see his election through. Trying to get a Speaker of the House seat is a difficult task, but Brice is up to doing it without Big Money. This is what makes him attractive to ECU.In order to reverse the 2010 case legislation has to be passed that redefines the first amendment. The amended amendment would define free speech as a luxury of the individual. The ruling would bring back limitations, and allow many to breath in relief.

Many doubt that elections will ever be the same, as corporations can buy both candidate and policy. End Citizens United is dedicated to stopping that.For this purpose End Citizens United supports candidates who stand for election reform, and fight candidates guilty of using corporation contributions. The fight is a game of chess, where pieces have to be moved off the board to make way for others. End Citizens United endures that their pieces remain so that the necessary legislation will pass.

Wes Edens on Fortress Investment Group

 Wes Edens on Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is a prominent businessman and the founder of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the co-founder of Milwaukee Bucks, together with Marc Lasry. The duo decided to work together after Marc saw how Wes transformed his company and made it a household name. in a recent interview, Edens stated that he has always liked the idea of doing business and when he found an opportunity, he did not waste time. He attended Oregon University and graduated with a B.S in Finance and Business Administration. Shortly after graduation, Wes Edens was employed and managed to advance his career. in 1987, he worked at Lehman Brothers for six years before moving to other ventures. He moved to BlackRock Asset Investors, where he got the skills to manage and run his own business.

The time he spent at the company taught everything he needed to know about and helped launch his business career. While it took some time for things to pick up, they eventually did and he started his company. At Fortress Investment Group, Edens works with a group of five partners who came together after analyzing the market. Other principal partners at the company are Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Michael Edward, and Robert Kauffman. The team has managed to lift the company and make it one of the most accomplished firms in the sector. In 2007, the company was described by Wall Street Journal as one that is focused on developing business and creating investment opportunities. This was an honourable opportunity for the company to market as it received free market through an established brand.

Wes Edens worked at California Savings, and Merill Lynch, where he learned how the industry. Moreover, working in these companies was an eye opener about assets management. After managing other people’s assets, it was time for Wes Edens to create his own company. The thought of leaving employment to start his company was daunting at first, but he followed through with the plan to start. He has never regretted the decision to start Fortress Investment Group and it gives him the joy to manage other people’s assets. He is described by many as a friendly, focused, and mindful man. He loves watching political news and debates about the subject. He has made donations to various political parties and openly supported candidates he felt were the best to lead the country. Wes Edens wants to be remembered as a man who positively changed people’s lives.

Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho Knows Brazilian Divorce Law

Brazil is a great place to visit and live whether you’re planning on staying for the short-term for only a few months to a year, or looking at a long-term stay or possibly citizenship. Often overlooked when planning such a stay in Brazil are there laws which for business dealings and even personal matters can get a little complex. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can vouch for that as he’s recently litigated a messy divorce case for a client. In this particular case, one party making a claim for certain assets was denied that claim because an investigation determined their current living situation did not meet the criteria established by Brazilian law. Moving to Brazil can bring on challenges like this, and that’s why you want to have nationally-recognized attorneys like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho representing you there.

For Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, his law career spans over 30 years practicing largely in the corporate and finance areas, but he also has been a key advisor to various Brazilian government officials and the nation’s electoral authorities. He received his bachelor’s in law from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and his master’s from the Armando Alveres Penteado Foundation. At the outset of his career, he worked for Grupo Rede, a major investment and corporate holdings firm as an HR advisor and legal counsel. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho then started taking on more cases working out of a small office in São Paulo.

But then he teamed up with Zanon de Paula Barros and a group of lawyers to form the Leite, Tosto and Barros law firm where he serves as managing partner.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has won a lot of cases pertaining to banking, credit, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and labor disputes. He’s an editor for several law journals and has been featured on Who’s Who Legal and the Analise 500 publication. He’s a member not only of the Brazilian Bar but also the International Bar Association, and he serves as a senior advisor to a public policy institute in Switzerland. He’s also co-author of the book “O Proceso de Tiradentes.”

A Publication From Seeking Alpha On The Career Of Sahm Adrangi

Seeking Alpha is a publication focused on the financial industry that various stock advice, articles, strategies for investments EFTs, and asset classes. Seeking Alpha has recently gained a great amount of attention, and made a name for itself at the top of all must-read lists for individuals pursuing strong investment advice. Sahm is an incredibly successful entrepreneur and has a lucrative business where he works as a hedge fund investor. Sahm Adrangi connected with the editor of Seeking Alpha and their conversation resulted in an interview about Sahm’s career prior to his retirement. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Institutional Investor.

In Seeking Alpha’s publication, they expressed that Sahm Adrangi had highly dedicated to growing his personal network and his industry experience when he was starting out. Sahm’s desire to succeed enabled him to land a credible job as an intern at Merrill Lynch right after his graduation. Originally, Sahm was under contract to work one year for the company but ended up staying there for several years due to his contributions and exceptional work ethic.

Sahm Adrangi moved into a new position Longacre Hedge Fund after fulfilling his contract with Merrill Lynch. The fund had roughly 3 billion dollars in capital which Sahm oversaw on a daily basis, allowing him to build his industry experience and strategies. Mr. Adrangi continued to gain knowledge of the financial industry while working at various management and investment firms over the years. A downside to Sahm’s industry was the high pacing that comes along with doing business in a busy city, which ultimately led to Sahm’s early retirement despite his many achievements. Read more at Endpoints News about Sahm Adrangi.

Even though Sahm Adrangi is retired from his passion in 2009 he founded a company from the ground up and is now currently holding a position at Kerrisdale Capital Management as CIO. Sahm Adrangi and his company started with only his own investment that barely amounted to 1 million dollars. Since then, Kerrisdale Capital Management’s assets have grown to a value worth over 150 million dollars. Today, teaching is one of Sahm’s ways of giving back and he dedicates a large amount of time challenging youthful investors and entrepreneurs like himself, showing them the ” in’s and out’s” and the secrets of the industry.


Ricardo Tosto: Getting Quality Legal Advice In Brazil

Are you in need of legal representation in Brazil? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has advised and represented numerous clients throughout Brazil and comes highly recommended. Ricardo Tosto is passionate about obtaining excellent result for his clients and takes steps to ensure their rights are protected.After spending more than 22 years advising and representing clients, Ricardo Tosto has the skills and resources to handle any type of litigation matter.Ricardo Tosto has experience in courtrooms around the country, the knowledge of what works and will not work, steps to take in each situation, negotiation tactics, and effective litigation techniques. He takes the time to evaluate the situation before deciding the best approach to dealing with it.

When it comes to operating a business and subcontracting, it is extremely important to get your lawyer involved. You will need the advice and services of a business lawyer to handle the legal aspects of starting your business or establishing the right structure for your organization. The lawyer is also going to be of great help in dealing with subcontracting issues.Property rights issues should be handled by a legal professional. All business owners or entrepreneurs should become familiar with property laws and abide by them. There are many other legal requirements that you need to be aware of and you should consult your lawyer for proper guidance.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well known attorney with great expertise in business and corporate law and he has a prominent law firm in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto takes the time to go over the details of applicable laws with his clients and ensures that they understand what they’re expected to do.Ricardo Tosto runs one of the nation’s leading business law firms and caters to a wide variety of clients. Businesses and organizations turn to him for help in resolving their legal matters. As a reputable and experienced business litigation lawyer, Ricardo Tosto routinely handles both complex and simple business and corporate litigation cases, providing his clients the best possible outcome in their situation.

Todd Lubar- The Investment Giant

In a recent interview with Inspirery, real estate investor Todd Lubar spoke on the journey towards becoming a successful businessman. According to Lubar, the road was not easy, as he consistently faced roadblocks on his path. With over 20 years of experience in credit and finance, Todd Lubar has gained valuable knowledge in his field, allowing him to create a business philosophy that makes him money each and every day. His company, TDL Global Ventures, assist companies and individual clients with their mortgage and banking needs. Lubar has succeeded as a businessman due to his attention to detail, and persistence even when things get tough. This also leads to better decision making within his companies, which in turn leads to better profit margins and revenue.

Todd Lubar started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, shortly after graduating from Syracuse University. From 1995 to 1999, he developed his talents and gained valuable knowledge, allowing him to eventually part ways with the company, joining Legacy Financial Group. While there, Lubar was directly responsible for the growth and expansion of various company divisions and offices. In an effort to continue his involvement in mortgage banking, Todd Lubar opened Charter Funding in 2003, as a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the biggest privately held mortgage companies in the US. This connection allowed him to further expand his business ventures, due to the success of his previous investments. Check out

With the mortgage industry going through significant changes in the 2000’s, Lubar decided to venture into other businesses, such as nightclubs and commercial demolition. Todd Lubar is also recognized for forming legendary Financial LLC, a commercial lending source for individuals and major companies. Lubar has been apart of over 7000 transactions, easily making him a go-to source for those looking for financial backing in their ventures. You can visit his website

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How Barbara Stokes Developed An Expertise In Manufacturing Houses

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, in 2001. She graduated with degrees in physics and biomedical engineering. She also studied other areas while going to college such as thermodynamics, technical communications, management, and manufacturing among other disciplines. After graduating she worked for both Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She developed extensive experience working with government contracts, manufacturing, and management. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Ten years after graduating from college, Barbara Stokes co-founded a company along with her husband, Green Structured Homes Delivered, or GSH of Alabama, LLC as it is more commonly known. She is this firms chief executive officer and oversees its strategic vision and day to day activities. GSH of Alabama is a company that designs and manufactures mobile and modular structures that are used in disaster relief efforts. They deliver these structure to areas where home and businesses have been destroyed. They can be used as residences or commercial structures.

Barbara Stokes and her company are based in Huntsville, Alabama. Between her and the other executives of the company they have over 30 years of experience in providing disaster relief. This experience had led to the company expanding rapidly over the years and being a trusted partner of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). Stokes now has manufacturing facilities in a number of other states where the structures are made.

Due to Barbara Stokes background in manufacturing the structures that her company builds are of very high quality. They are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They can withstand hurricane force winds up to 130 mph and are resistant to things such as pest and mold. They are also customizable and the ones for residential use can be made to one, two, or more bedroom sized depending on the need.


Barbara Stokes says that the structure that GSH of Alabama builds can be delivered to anywhere in North America. Among the projects she has worked on is one in Mississipi that built student housing. She has also worked with all four branches of the military, including the Navy for which her company built 82 security gates. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

A Brief Look at Business: Louis Chenevert

The former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and a Canadian Businessman, Louis Chenevert worked 14 years at General Motors as a Production General Manager earlier. The American Multinational Conglomerate, UTC is an entity produce highly technical products by researching, developing and at the same time manufacturing them. Chenevert was elected as CEO of UTC in 2006 after he left the Pratt and Whitney Canada which he joined in 1993 where he was the president after 6 years. He stepped down as CEO at UTC in 2014 and joined Merchant Banking Division, Golden Sachs in 2015. He is an Exclusive Advisor for opportunities in industrial and aerospace sectors.

As CEO of UTC, he has achieved quite a lot which is very impressive and significant that the next CEO do not match to have. During the recession, he gained Goodrich and created a undeniable change in the marketing section making a profit remaining as an amazing feat which still remains as one of his achievements. This deal can be determined as one of his signature deal which he left behind which shows his patience and business brain to spent 1 year in negotiations and finally reaching a deal of $18.4 billion. Read more at

Till today his greatest accomplishments remain as the project at GTF. This project led the Pratt and Whitney to be chosen as the influential group in the field of narrow-body jet engine market by the Airbus. The highly quality technology which still drives the growth of UTC today was still remarkably found by Louis Chenevert. This has increased the manufacturing jobs of the company and thus boosting the economy of the company in total.

Future Plans

Gregory Hayes, UTC’s current CEO has posted recently that they as a set of CEO along with Chenevert and others act as agents of the companies. They believe they should work towards making the companies better than what have established at the first place. They also see a good scope in investing in people is one step ahead as they go. Investing in company’s latest technology and learning set up of business for the companies will bring a future success.

Although all that was achieved by UTC CEOs gave a good performance, they should be continuously changing the plans so that the company would have a future. The investment plan is the best they can get here. When you think about it a good investment and educated work environment will bring more success to the place. Well-educated workplace can provide you with new ideas and this way it brings a better method to pay back the money. Read more about Louis at

The idea put forth by Chenevert have created a global standard of quality for the company. Making UTC greener and eco-friendly has made a lot of change in past years. The products have successfully reduced the emission of greenhouse gasses by 26% and the factories and other plants cut their water consumption by 53% which is an outstanding success.

By Chenevert’s legacy, the UTC now assembles the world most advanced airline jet engines commercially and also for military purpose now. Through the investment plan UTC has spent over $40 billion on the suppliers in just 3 years in US.It is indeed correct to be told that all the innovative ideas come from the people who run it and not the company.


Todd Lubar’s Outstanding Expertise in the Real Estate Industry

The city of Baltimore is attracting more young professionals compared to the old generation. The reason Baltimore is becoming famous to the young individuals is the rate at which it’s developing. The city’s total population might seem to be going down, but the opposite is happening with the young flooding in the area. The economy is rising again at a proper rate, and with time Baltimore will be on another level. The more young people are creating demand for various apartment options. One of the options is the trend of developers transforming old structures into refurbished and stunning buildings for city residents. The apartments and condominiums from the developers’ projects are providing high-quality housing options to the young generation.

The other trend in Baltimore is the public transportation expansion. Improving the transport system will provide better means to the individuals who might want to reside or work downtown. Developing the infrastructure helps an area grow at a very faster rate and concerning Baltimore the metropolitan areas will develop quite fast. The business sector seems to be doing great as well. Initiatives have been put in place to improve the business environment. The action is meant to attract more companies to the city. Baltimore is gaining a reputation for being supportive of emerging ventures by drawing the young experts with talents to facilitate business growth. The developers are also engaging in projects such as restaurants and beautiful malls. Check out to see more.

Todd Lubar is the owner of TDL ventures where he holds the President position. He has studied Baltimore for quite some time to come up with the trends mentioned above in the article. Todd Lubar has been associated in the real estate sector in another place named Maryland for over twenty years. Todd has worked in other industries such as finance giving him diverse skills.

Todd Lubar holds the senior Vice President post of Legendary Investments. Todd has worked for other real estate firms holding top ranked positions. Mr. Lubar owns several other real estate companies, including a demolition company. Currently, Todd is active in Maryland’s real estate market. However, people come to ask for advice and guidance regarding Baltimore’s real estate industry.

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