The Career Accomplishments of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an accomplished private equity investor, businessman, and sports team owner. Edens is the owner of the League of Legends. Wes Edens is also a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks. Wesley is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Edens has served at Fortress as a Co-chairman, Principle, Head of Private Equity, and Chief Investment Officer. Wes Edens served at Fortress from 1998 to 2003 as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.Wes is a highly experienced individual who has served in numerous other reputable companies. For instance, from 2002 to 2007, he served at Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC as the CEO. Wes Edens also joined Eurocastle Investment Ltd where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. His other notable career accomplishment is serving at Global Signal Inc. as the President.

Wes Edens also was the CEO of other international companies such as Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc. and Capstead Mortgage Corp. Wes is an alumnus of Oregon State University where he pursued Business Administration and Finance. Edens also has gained extensive experience as a director of multinational companies. Wes is an expert in private equity management and finance. Currently, he is a chairman of numerous companies such as Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, Drive Shack Inc., New Media Investment Group Inc., Mapeley Limited, and Springleaf Finance, Inc.In 1984, Edens graduated from Oregon State University and got his first job at Lehman Brother in 1987.

At Lehman Brothers, he served between 1987 and 1993. Later on, he joined BlackRock Asset Investors as a managing director. Edens is popularly known for his recent $550 million purchase of Bucks where he partnered with Marc Lasry. The two planned to construct a new arena for the basketball team. In 2006, Wes led the acquisition of Center Home Equity Company, LLC by Fortress in 2006 for $575 million. Wesley is a family man who is married to Lynn. The two have four adorable children. His youngest daughter is Mallory. Despite his busy career schedule, Wes creates time to enjoy with his family and hobbies. Some of his hobbies include mountain climbing and horse jumping.

The legacy of Sheldon Lavin in the growth and development of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the leading food supply companies in the world. The company started from a very humble beginning, and through the influence of some its leaders, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in the world. OSI Group started as a family butcher supplying meat products to the American Immigrants in Chicago. It was formerly known as the Otto and Sons before it gained its new name OSI Group.

Well, one of the significant people that have been contributing to every aspect of growth and development OF OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He started working with OSI Group many years ago as one of its partners and its financiers. When the time came for the Otto and Sons to retire, they need to leave the company under the leadership and management of a responsible leader who would enhance its continuity in the growth of its position in the global market. Because Sheldon Lavin had built himself an excellent reputation and had shown that he had great potential in contributing to the growth of the company, they appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

It is evident that Otto and Sons were not wrong to appoint him as the leader of the company because since then, the company has experienced rapid growth and development over the years. Sheldon Lavin involved the company in many activities that have enabled it to increase its market share in the world. One of these main activities is developing separate philanthropies to give back to the community. One of these philanthropies is being one of the primary funders of McDonald’s House Charities.

Besides, under his leadership of  OSI Group donates a vast amount of food to feed the homeless and needy children within the American Community among other charity works. Besides, Sheldon Lavin together with his wife was able to raise their children as their children and took them through the whole education system. This is one of the reasons that OSI Group has earned a great name in the world which has assisted in increasing its market share.

Also, OSI Group has earned some awards regarding environmental management and sustainability. Sheldon Lavin has also made himself some honors, for example, he won a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. This is because he has contributed to the growth of the economy in the world by increasing the living standards of many people through the creation of employment opportunities which is brought about by the growth of OSI Group.

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Gregory J Aziz is the President, Chairperson and the CEO of the National Steel Car. National Steel Car is rated among the prime railroad car freight manufacturing and mobilizing companies globally and is situated in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg James Aziz, born on April 30, 1949, in London, in Ontario, studied at the Ridley College and then in the University of Western Ontario where he did his major in Economics. He then joined his family’s commercial food organization called Affiliated Foods in the year 1971. In the 16 years, the company was able to grow and establish itself globally as it imported fresh foods from South America, Central as well as Europe and distributing all the essential fresh food large-scale market throughout the United States as well as in Eastern Canada.


After gaining enough experience working with various investment banking occasions in the New York City in the late and early 1980s and 1990s respectively, he was in a position to arrange National Steel Car’s purchase from its then owner DOFASCO, in 1994. The objective of the purchase was to change this once extraordinary Canadian organization into North America’s chief railroad freight car producer. Underlining National Steel Car’s solid engineering abilities, teamwork, as well as through capital and considerable human investment; the organization extended it assembling capabilities from 3,500 cars per annum at the point of procurement to 12,000 vehicles by the end of 1999. Employment also grew over this similar period from roughly 600 to around 3,000. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Today, on account of its tireless quest for engineering as well as manufacturing brilliance, National Steel Car comes out on top in latest car innovation, while at the same time building a vast number of new railroad cargo car every year. In North America, National Steel Car is the single railroad cargo car, engineering as well as assembling organization certified ISO 9001:2008, holding this honor for the past 18 years through various turns of recertification. The organization has been reliably regarded with the highest quality award TTX SECO since 1996.


NSC is focused on the Hamilton population and supported Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army as well as various local charities. Each year National Steel Car holds a Christmas Party where all former and present employees, with their children, participate in the event. James Aziz and Irene, his wife, sponsor Canada’s most unmistakable horticultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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Ryan Seacrest Health and Fitness Management

Ryan Seacrest is well known as a pop-culture enthusiast, producer of America’s local television and radio shows, and host of American Idol. He can also be recognized from the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve by Dick Clark. However, few will know him as the heaviest boy from Dunwoody, GA, who kept wearing his shirt at the community pool to cover his overweight body or the kid that ate cookies and nachos without the consent of his mother. He is currently known as the slim guy who acquired success through hard work and commitment. Ryan manages his health and fitness the same way he handles his career.

Ryan Seacrest managed to lose his childhood weight that instilled a sense of confidence into all the aspects of his life. His personality secured him a position on television and radio shows with millions of followers from the country and beyond. Today, fitness is an important activity and routines in his life and managing his health assists him in relieving stress. Being very busy with his career, Mr. Seacrest schedules his workout sessions like formal business meetings to make sure they are not cancelled. He works out every day of the week to keep up with all the moving parts of his body. Exercising on a daily basis also makes him more productive.

As he mentioned on his Facebook account, he has two lockers in Los Angeles where he keeps his exercising gears. He often exercises in between shows without the need of going to the gym or at home. Ryan Seacrest goal is spending five hours in the gym for a whole week. He balances the right exercises with the right diets. Having worked out with many trainers, his favorite exercise are core workouts and circle workouts. He also swims on a weekly basis during the weekends. Ryan Seacrest likes vegetable juices and crunchy snacks.

Ryan Seacrest, the owner of Distinction, is a philanthropist too. He founded The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a charitable organization focused on encouraging the youth through entertainment and initiatives that are based on education. The organization is also focused on encouraging medical treatments by developing media centers with pediatric hospitals for patients.


Tips For Business Noobies With Paul Herdsman

Without any ado, here are a few ways to boost one’s chances of being a successful entrepreneur. All fledgling and prospective businesspeople should keep in mind, even though the United States is home to the single greatest economy, is that failing to regularly improve one’s chances of success by building their character and good habits can often – it goes without saying – raises their chances of failure.

Co-founder and COO of NICE Global and ATS Digital COO and Co- Founder, Paul Herdsman provided The Bro Talk, a popular site that focuses on real-world tips, strategies, and tricks that successful entrepreneurs share during interviews with the site’s editors, with twelve key things to regularly do as a prospective entrepreneur ((Read; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman).

Though they’re not all listed or important as one another, regularly engaging in most of them is a surefire way of promoting one’s chances of success in the world of commerce.


Steer Away From Doing Things You Don’t Love

Virtually everybody is familiar with hearing a teacher, parent, family member, or elder peer talk about how much better working in a field that genuinely interests them is better than being employed in the same field just for money. Paul Herdsman strongly urges entrepreneurs to get involved in businesses they actually card about – not just to make money.


Be Risky, But Not Too Risky

Don’t be so risky, says Paul Herdsman, that one day of failing to reach a sales quota could result in you losing your home’s mortgage or wife’s financed vehicle. However, Paul Herdsman shares that he feels being risky is important, as long as your risks are well-calculated and have a reasonably good probability of resulting in substantial rewards.


Pay Team Members Well

Never pay employees you aren’t interested in more than they deserve. However, workers that do share similar mindsets with you, care about your business as a whole and not just about their performance and find it easy to get along with you are ones you want to keep around.

Paul Herdsman believes that paying these people more, giving your finances are supportive of doing such, is a great idea.


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National Steel Car: Commemorating The Victims Of The First And The Second World War

The National Steel Car is considered as one of the most resilient companies in Canada. The company managed to endure the Great Depression, and it also survived two World Wars. The company, being established in 1912, is a witness to the two devastating wars that killed millions of people. During the First World War, the National Steel Car assisted in the war efforts by manufacturing weapons and other war paraphernalia that was used by the government of Canada. The National Steel Car also sent some of their employees to the war, with some unable to come back alive. The sacrifice that the employees made were commemorated by the company, and their colleagues celebrated their heroism.



When the Second World War erupted, the National Steel Car was reeling from the effects of the Great Depression. The government of Canada once again commanded the National Steel Car to redirect all of their products and focus on the creation of weapons and war vehicles. Several employees of the National Steel Car also had to enlist in the military to fight the enemies. Some of those who were sent overseas to fight never made it back alive. The two global conflicts have claimed the lives of some of the most hardworking people who were employed by the National Steel Car, and their colleagues could not do anything but to offer prayers and to remember their workmates who have died from the wars. Go To This Page for more information.



After the Second World War, the National Steel Car managed to gain a little profit, until Dofasco bought them in the 1960s. The National Steel Car will be under the ownership of Dofasco until they decided to sell them in1994 to a wealthy man named Gregory James Aziz. The new owner of the National Steel Car also served as the company’s president, chairman, and CEO. Upon learning about the dark history of the National Steel Car, James Aziz immediately advised the people that he has been working with to establish a memorial for these people who have sacrificed their lives for the benefit of many.


Gregory James Aziz is a compassionate business owner, and he is loved by the employees working for the National Steel Car because of the treatment that he is providing the people. Gregory James Aziz also stated that he would be doing everything to provide his employees with the benefits that they need, and he will be after their welfare.


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Perry Mandera: Mental Filtering and Why He Still Stands Strong and Successful Today

There’s an idea in psychology called mental filtering that explains why we select our memories and how our minds could sometimes be vividly fabricating our past as we retell it. This is a concept most prevalent in business, too, where executives try to point out that the success they got is from their skills when it could be just as well that it’s quite just a matter of luck.

Fortunately, we know of people like Perry Mandera whose qualities, successes and achievements have been a matter of both luck and skills, and whose competence is unquestionably guaranteed.


How The Success of Perry Mandera Is Brought Out

The world of business knows that Perry Mandera is the CEO and the esteemed founder of The Custom Companies, which is a company that has built an impressive reputation in the field of transportation and logistics. Of course, this is not hard to expect from a person like Perry Mandera. He’s proven his competence already in the past work he did before being the founder of Custom Companies since the late 90s. That’s not hard to believe, already. What’s a more interesting area to consider is how he was able to sustain the level of success that he receives. At the risk of going for a little bit of mental filtering, we can say that the formative experiences in the past of Perry Mandera were his fundamentals in succeeding in the game. Not only is that a developmental structure in his skills, but it may well be the reason why he’s still able to work in the field that he’s in for quite some years already.


Donating To Charities

We can also say that the success of Perry Mandera could be because he knows how to share. He expands because he knows how to give help. His help doesn’t seem to be something that’s oriented towards building a brand. It’s not virtue merchandising, where the idea of support is being seen as commercial merchandise. He understands that to help, he has to sacrifice himself a lot, and this might be the reason why he still stands successfully today.

Louis Chenevert Grows UTC

Louis Chenevert has done wonderful things for the company known as the United Technologies Corporation. When he arrived at United Technologies Corporation stocks were maintaining at only $37 but through the years as the CEO he raised it 200% to $117 a share.

He was capable of doing so well at the United Technologies Corporation because he spent the better part of two decades preparing for the role of chief executive officer.

After he graduated from university he would work on the line of General Motors as a production general manager. After nearly a decade and a half we has picked up by the company Pratt & Whitney which makes aircraft engines. He would become the president of that company in just six years.

This experience was the foundation he needed when he became the chairman and chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation. Here, he would lead the business to become the best creator in researching high technology products. Their products range anywhere from jet engines, both commercial and military, to refrigeration and air-conditioning, to producing sensors, flight controls, and aerospace systems.

He was able to do the impossible when he acquired the company Goodrich for $16.3 billion. At the time that he stepped down from the role of CEO in 2014 the company was worth $63 billion.

He is also widely known for keeping the business afloat during the time of the great recession in the United States of America. He was able to do that for the United Technologies Corporation by focusing on several things.

First of all, he focused on obtaining governmental contracts in order to have a consistent return on investment throughout the years. This is why his Sikorsky unit was able to produce more helicopters every year than any other US company and maintain strong profit margins.

He also went on to purchase Otis which is the world’s largest elevator company. He would use that and the refrigeration and AC connections to become the most dominant provider of heating and air-conditioning and refrigeration and fired detection in the entire United States of America.

Stream Energy Cares for the Community

In Dallas the direct energy company Stream Energy is changing the face of philanthropy and giving customers and employees something to stand behind. Through their direct sales of energy and mobile phone plans this company is using their sales in the corporate and residential areas to make a big difference.

Associates working for Stream Energy work for themselves and with their sales on the wide array of products offered they are able to make a generous commission. Stream Energy then allows these associates to pick and choose where they would like to help make a difference.

In Dallas alone the associates are working with Hope Supply Co. to make a difference in the lives of homeless children and families. They have been doing this collaboration with Hope Supply Co. for four years and look forward to many more. The tornadoes that devastated parts of Texas in 2016 showed the power that Stream could muster to make a difference. Together with the Salvation Army they were able to raise thousands of dollars for the victims of the storms. Dallas area veterans and their families know that Stream Energy employees are ready to be there for them in more ways than monetarily. The employees banded together and gave rides to a luncheon to vets and their families who were struggling.

This kind of charity is something that speaks volumes for the kind of company Stream Energy is and the kind of employees they have. With their new philanthropic move called Stream Cares the company hopes to make an even bigger dent in the needs of people who really need a hand. Stream Cares and the Stream Care Foundation showed it’s strength during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This extremely catastrophic storm left parts of Texas literally under water and it was Stream Energy that was one of the first to get out there and help.

The people running this corporation and working for it are changing the way others will do business as well. This kind of give back to the community should set a precedence for how to take care of where and who you live with. It’s really a beautiful thing to see in corporate America.

Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello: A Legacy Of Generous Philanthropic Giving

Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello is committed to helping the less fortunate. Over the past 20 years he has given millions to a wide variety of charitable causes and philanthropic organizations. And even today he continues to make significant contributions to groups working to help people facing social, health and financial challenges. Tony Petrello’s upbringing in a close-knit working-class community in Newark, New Jersey and his caring family have helped to make him into a loving, generous person people can turn to for support in difficult times.

One of the projects to which Anthony Petrello has given millions of dollars and a lot of his time is the creation of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. When Carena, Tony and Cynthia Petrello’s daughter, was born with cerebral palsy, Tony Petrello sprang into action. He provided the hospital with $7 million in seed money to begin building a research and treatment facility that has since been able to help children worldwide dealing with neurological problems. Tony Petrello not only helped Texas Children’s Hospital raised the hundreds of million of dollars necessary to build, equip and staff the facility, he continues to help them today.


When Hurricane Harvey destroyed large areas of Houston, Texas and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and in desperate straits, Tony Petrello once again stepped up to help. He donated $175,000 to the hurricane relief efforts. With his help, Nabors Industries also used their kitchen facilities to make and distribute hundreds of thousands of hot meals each day to people in need and workers involved in the clean-up and rebuilding efforts. In addition, when the employees of Nabors Industries raised over $173,000 to help in Houstonians struggling to rebuild their lives, Tony Petrello matched their donation.

Tony Petrello’s recent donation to Yale University is further evidence of his caring nature. When their world-renowned math professor Serge Lang died recently, Tony Petrello helped create a scholarship fund in his name by making a $150,000 donation. Petrello, who had studied under Professor Lang while earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Yale, also donated an additional $150,000 to be used as a matching fund for future donations to the scholarship. It was his of showing appreciation for the help and support he received from Professor Lang.

These a but a few examples of the philanthropic efforts of Tony Petrello.