The career and philanthropy journey of Jeff Aronin

In 2000, Jeff Aronin founded the medical company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. For seven years from that time, he successfully led the company as the Chief Executive Officer and president until Jeff Aronin completed its acquisition process by Lundbeck Inc. Other than Ovation, Aronin has also been part of the executive team at several biopharmaceutical organizations. He is an experienced constructing and implementing strategic corporate transaction manager in areas including mergers and acquisitions. He is also a magnificent business developer, structuring expert, financial manager, and brand marketer.

Currently, Jeff Aronin is the chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the biopharmaceutical investment firm and healthcare developer called Paragon Biosciences. He landed this role after being a chairman of Paragon’s group companies like Creek pharmaceuticals, and Harmony Biosciences.

The entrepreneur and investor developed an interest in pharmaceuticals at a young age when he witnessed his mentor physician cure an epileptic patient by the use of medication as opposed to the usual surgical procedure after exploring a variety of options. He went ahead and sought out a degree from the University of Northern Illinois and later an M.BA from the University of DePaul.

Aronin is also an active lecturer in business in the Kellogg School of Management and the Booth Business School of the Chicago University. He was named the Crown Fellow of the Institute of Aspen in the year 2010.

Other than his various business endeavors, Aronin and his family are also involved in Philanthropy. He was appointed to the role of board director of the World Business of Chicago. This is an organization that was founded on the partnership between the state government and the business community to help promote business development in the State ( He is also the chairperson of the committee of biosciences Chicago NEXT, a former board member of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and is a current member of the Discover Financial Services foundation.

Jeff Aronin is also the founder of the organization, MATTER. MATTER is a society of innovators in the field of healthcare that is devoted to coming up with solutions for complex medical affairs that Aronin Co-Chairs.