Community Banking vs National Banking

We are living in the 21st Century, which is one of the technologically advanced eras in recorded history. Just about everything in the world has some form of innovation implemented into it and the banking industry is no exception. Did you know that many community banking center are in direct competition with national banking centers? That’s right! These smaller more secluded institutions offer many of the same services as their larger counterparts. Have you ever heard of the Texas Bankers Association? This prominent association hosts one of the best events in banking known as the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. If you’re in the field of regional banking than you’ve probably heard of it and provides perspectives, discussions, as well as opinions about this exclusive industry.

John Holt, whom is CEO and President of NexBank Capital attended the event in November and he well represented the firm with his expertise. Holt served as a panelist on the “banker panel discussion,” which focused on reinvention. This was a great time for any and all members to explore new trends and to progressively discuss any challenges in this field of work. Individuals such as bank leaders, consultants, and advisers were all present here as everyone had a chance to discuss any issues of their choice. NexBank Capital is one of Dallas, Texas’ most affluent financial centers. Formerly known as Heritage Bank, this bank specializes in investment, mortgage, and commercial banking.

With an estimated $4.0 Billion in assets, NexBank is a true testament of success and if things stay on track, this bank’s total assets will further exceed where it is currently today. Why do business with a national chain bank when you can receive many of the same services with a community bank?