Cassio Audi – Man of Many Talents

Music, Finances, Firms, Client Relations and So Much More – Who is Devoted and Talented Man?

Cassio Audi dominates with more than 20 years of working in finance. He has amassed experience in startups, private equities, private and public companies and even global organizational acquisitions with mergers. Over the years, Audi has contributed to countless startup businesses and worked in many positions, assuming all responsibilities of a true leader in providing skills to each business in its most crucial growth stages.

One of the Best in the Game and More – Client Funds and Portfolios

Audi’s currently an investment manager in Brazil and one of the best. He thus organizes and maintains multiple funds within various client portfolios. These portfolio are managed through the help of consultants like Audi and his team, yet all final decisions are ultimately made by the clients.

Music Before Finances?

Audi was not always a top finance expert. He once was a drummer for Viper – a famous Brazilian rock band that once beat the top charts and even put Nirvana and Van Halen in second place. This man truly knows what it is to be multi-talented.

Qualifications, Skills, Degrees and More

Audi earned his extensive qualifications and experience by working within the largest national and multinational firms of his day. A few skills include management of equities, financial planning and strategic forecasting, business planning, team leadership, project management, individual leadership essentials and strategies, cross-functional endeavors, investor relations, entrepreneurship and several more.

Cassio completed a BA program from Pontifical Catholic University. He later got his MBA through Sao Paulo University. His decision to become an investment specialist stemmed from his constant dedication and willingness to help those who need help – primarily in investing into their future.

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