Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the National Football League

As most football fans have been aware of for quite some time, Week 1 of National Football League action is almost here. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the NFL Alumni Association, and LabCorp have recently engaged in an awareness campaign for one of the deadliest cancers for men – prostate cancer. The campaign started nearly a week ago, on September 1st, and is lated to run through mid-October. This trio of cancer-beating organizations are funding the the first 2,000 prostate specific antigen screening themselves.

After 2,000 men have received these life-saving screenings, every single person that signs up only has to be $25. Men that have things going on through October 15th are in good shape, as the free screenings and vouchers for discounted ones have a six-month shelf life, allowing them to visit the doctor at their convenience.

While most months and days stand for at least one, if not several kinds of “-days” or “-months,” September is titled by the NFL as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Prostate Pep Talk will be an Internet and television promotional campaign to raise awareness for prostate cancer, including the likes of Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, and Dick Vermeil.

There are many LabCorp facilities in the United States of America; with more than 1,750 locations across the nation, there’s certain to be one conveniently located near most people. The test only requires a simple blood drawing.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known around the country as one of the leading medical institutions for treating cancer, with five branches spread throughout all corners of the United States. Often shortened to the initialism CTCA, this organization has its corporate office located in Boca Raton, Florida. Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s hospitals can be found in Phoenix, Arizona; Tulsa, Mississippi; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Indiana.

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