Building The Best Classroom with ClassDojo

Education is constantly evolving, moving and growing to meet the needs of its students, teachers, and families. Keeping connected is one of the most integral parts of keeping learning effective and engaging. ClassDojo is a fun, innovative app that keeps student, teachers, and parents connected and working as a team in their child’s education. By sharing photos, videos and messages the classroom can be tailored to the best experience for the whole classroom while keeping parents involved.

The Classroom is where the learning starts. Students and teachers set the values and skills for the classroom and work together towards reaching a common goal. Progress is shared and discussed together to create an ideal learning environment for all.

With Messages in ClassDojo, parents, teachers and school staff can share messages with each other without the need to share personal contact information. Teachers can set times where they are unavailable through the “Quiet Hours” setting, so parents can know when it’s best to reach them. The messages can be translated into 35 different languages as well!

Stories are how teachers and students can show the world what they’re learning through instantly updating streams of pictures and videos. The school, class, and student will all tell a story. School Story lets the school staff keep everyone informed about the school as a whole. Class Story allows teachers to share with the families connected to the class and each student will have their own Student Story, to show their family what they’re learning.

Now actively used in 90% of K-8 schools in the US (and in over 180 countries!), ClassDojo has helped form cooperative classroom experiences and fostered communication between home and school for 1 in 3 US kids. By making students, families, and teachers all part of the same team, kids are given the chance to help shape their own best learning experience.

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