Dr. Mark Holterman and How He’s Able To Survive The Medical Practice Despite Malpractice Threats

It’s hard for doctors to ultimately have a grip on themselves, knowing the stressors they experience daily and the medical malpractice threats that they encounter every single day they’re on hospital duty. One of the rare physicians who have proven their strength, bravery, and endurance for such challenges is Dr. Mark Holterman, and he’s right now a successful surgeon mainly for withstanding such difficulties (http://markjholterman.strikingly.com/).

It is said by the wise philosopher Nassim Taleb that the more stress you receive, up to a certain point, the stronger you become if you let your body rest. This has not been nearer to the truth than in the case of Dr. Mark Holterman, where the fact that he’s strong is rooted in the central truth that he’s opening himself to more challenges.


The Warrenville Surgeon

You may have heard of the name of Dr. Mark Holterman from the fact that he comes from Warrenville, Illinois and has made a name being a surgeon that got formally trained from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He’s been in practice and service for numerous patients and across a variety of niche for more than 20 years now, and the fact that he’s still here today means that he has more people to help and assist medically.


Insurance Accepted

It is part of professional practice always to uphold the authenticity of various insurance firms. Dr. Mark is no different. In his practice, he is gladly accepting insurance programs of a different variety, including the insurance from Aetna HMO, Aetna Choice POS OO, and BCBS Blue Card PPO. Right now, there are no hospitals yet affiliated with Dr. Mark, but the fact that he is in a network that accepts these insurance programs makes him still one of the most sought-after physicians/surgeons in the state.



From the word go, Dr. Mark has already been a consistent achiever. The fact that he finished at the University of Virginia, where he did his residency in General Surgery and that he was a fellow at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center makes it even more reassuring for his patients to believe in what he prescribes and offers.

Richard Dwayne Blair Offers Insight on Wealth Creation

In the current business world, all wealth managers have been defined as good at what they do. However, not all wealth managers can be described as professionals, leave alone astute. This is a critical point to consider before hiring a wealth investment manager. When discussing wealth management and investment, Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions becomes a primary subject. The man has been instrumental in helping clients to create wealth through various investment dockets. As such, he offers clients amazing learning opportunities coupled with the following insight.

The Three Pillars of Success

The First Pillar – In pillar one, Richard Dwayne Blair is keen on developing a financial roadmap for clients. Most importantly, he uses this pillar to weigh the strengths, risks, opportunities for expanding the business and available objectives. After identifying these aspects, Blair builds a robust relationship with his clients. Moreover, he takes advantage of this opportunity by gaining a deeper understanding of client’s concerns and plans.

The Second Pillar- Pillar two is meant to develop long-term investment strategies that have been customized to fit the goals and objectives of a client. Having worked on the best approach for managing and relocating assets, Mr. Blair assists clients to capture maximum performance when the market is stable. The selling point of this pillar lies in enabling clients to track their performance.

The Third Pillar – After establishing a client’s goals, Richard Blair reviews every strategy and objective in the third pillar. Here, he ensures that clients have insurance. Of course, with the future being unpredictable, it becomes challenging to define the next move in case of mishaps. So at this point, Mr. Blair prepares clients for the unknown.

Personal Profile

The duty of a professional wealth manager is helping clients to make sense out of confusing financial markets. As such, Richard Blair has managed to be a top-notch wealth advisor who helps clients to differentiate between low-risk and high-risk businesses. Working at Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair works with financial experts to secure his client’s future in every way he can.


When Blair founded Wealth Solutions, his idea was appended on improving people’s lives. So far, he has managed to achieve his primary goal. Always drawn to the industry of education, he garnered extensive leadership skills from college and immediately after graduation, he delved into the industry of financial services.


Ian King: Former Hedge Fund Manager Turned Crypto Entrepreneur

You may see a feature of Ian King in many publications for his extensive trading and market analyzation skills. He is a former hedge fund manager and is now a cryptocurrency trader with insights available on Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, Investopedia, and Fox Business News. He currently holds a position as the senior analyst of Banyan Hill Publishing. He began his career as a desk clerk for the mortgage bond trading company Salomon Brothers. Afterward, he held a position at Citigroup involving credit derivatives. From there, he spent at least ten years sharpening his trading skills at the New York hedge fund Peahi Capital. Read more at Talk Markets.

In 2017, Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing to help readers get ahead of the curve and understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency, trends, and trading. Each week he contributes to Sovereign Investor Daily to keep readers abreast of developments in the crypto world. King is also a product developer. He has created a crypto investing product for Investopedia Academy that is unique and stands in a league of its own. He teaches a three-part strategy for crypto trading that involves identifying winning trends.

Crypto Profit Trader was developed by Ian King to show how to enter this new class of assets. King teaches how to store your crypto and provides you with trade recommendations. This advisory service is an excellent place to learn about how new crypto assets can make a positive impact on your financial life.

On Medium.com, you’ll find articles authored by King covering the topics of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Ian King discusses concepts such as the “unicorn” which is a $1 billion company valuation. Much like a unicorn, these astronomical startup valuations are rare, but they do occur. King refers to billion-dollar valuations as “cryptocorns” in the world of digital currencies. He shows readers how to discern one altcoin from another; he explains that not all altcoins are winners and how to avoid the “hype” when searching for investments.

Check: https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/

King has written about the effect that mobile app Robinhood will have on the growth of digital currency. He has spoken about how the app appeals to millennials and encourages young people to invest. Robinhood can offer cryptocurrency trading services with no fees in at least five states including; Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, California, and Montana. Follow Ian King at stocktwits.com.

Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello: A Legacy Of Generous Philanthropic Giving

Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello is committed to helping the less fortunate. Over the past 20 years he has given millions to a wide variety of charitable causes and philanthropic organizations. And even today he continues to make significant contributions to groups working to help people facing social, health and financial challenges. Tony Petrello’s upbringing in a close-knit working-class community in Newark, New Jersey and his caring family have helped to make him into a loving, generous person people can turn to for support in difficult times.

One of the projects to which Anthony Petrello has given millions of dollars and a lot of his time is the creation of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. When Carena, Tony and Cynthia Petrello’s daughter, was born with cerebral palsy, Tony Petrello sprang into action. He provided the hospital with $7 million in seed money to begin building a research and treatment facility that has since been able to help children worldwide dealing with neurological problems. Tony Petrello not only helped Texas Children’s Hospital raised the hundreds of million of dollars necessary to build, equip and staff the facility, he continues to help them today.

Read more on thedailybeast.com

When Hurricane Harvey destroyed large areas of Houston, Texas and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and in desperate straits, Tony Petrello once again stepped up to help. He donated $175,000 to the hurricane relief efforts. With his help, Nabors Industries also used their kitchen facilities to make and distribute hundreds of thousands of hot meals each day to people in need and workers involved in the clean-up and rebuilding efforts. In addition, when the employees of Nabors Industries raised over $173,000 to help in Houstonians struggling to rebuild their lives, Tony Petrello matched their donation.

Tony Petrello’s recent donation to Yale University is further evidence of his caring nature. When their world-renowned math professor Serge Lang died recently, Tony Petrello helped create a scholarship fund in his name by making a $150,000 donation. Petrello, who had studied under Professor Lang while earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Yale, also donated an additional $150,000 to be used as a matching fund for future donations to the scholarship. It was his of showing appreciation for the help and support he received from Professor Lang.

These a but a few examples of the philanthropic efforts of Tony Petrello.

Source: https://www.broadwayworld.com/houston/article/Tony-Petrello-Welcomes-Tommy-Tune-Home-To-Houston-20180104

GoBuyside Recruitment of Talent Made Easy with Excellent Recruitment Platform

It is no surprise that no company can work without its employees. For any company, it is the employees that are its biggest asset, and thus, companies spend a huge amount of money to ensure that they can hire the best people to fill up their jobs. But, for any company picking the top candidate for a job can be a challenge. Since recruitment is a long process, most top companies and even start-ups benefit from outsourcing their recruitment to a professional recruitment company. It allows them to concentrate more on their core activities rather than on recruiting the right minds. Read more about GoBuyside at inspirery.com.

GoBuyside is one of the top recruiting firms for numerous established and new companies in the financial industry and those included in the Fortune 500. The company operates in multiple countries and has more than 10,000 clients in over 500 cities, including the US, the UK, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, China, Singapore, and others. The company was set up in 2011, and its growth has been attributed to its ability to provide transparent services to employers and applicants. The company has a highly efficient recruitment process using which they can select the best of applicants for employers. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

As technology has evolved, ignoring it is no longer an option for companies. Innovative technology in the recruitment industry has also allowed GoBuyside to make the entire process more efficient. The company has the best programs and software that allows them to store the complete profile of prospective candidates and to match them with the right job for them. By streamlining the process, it allows them to increase the productivity level of their company. The company cut down on the headhunters and performs the search on their own. The company has an extensive collection of data points that they have to build over the years and keep updating them on a daily basis. While other recruitment companies are providing the same old services to their clients, GoBuyside believes in changing depending on the employment landscape.

Today, there has been a significant shift in the type of candidates that companies look for. Sometimes they need candidates for short-term projects while others require candidates to work from home. GoBuyside also offers personalized services to their customers who might be looking for unconventional candidates who are willing to work on such conditions. The company allows the employers to get a better holistic view of the type of applicants that they can hire for their company through their database.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/GoBuyside/

“The Informative Review of NewsWatch TV”

When you think of companies like D-Link, Intel, and Sony the first thing that should come to your mind is the popularity of each company. Each company has added to the entertainment of the world, but what lies beneath these companies is an even greater common ground. All these companies and even more not mentioned have been in partnership and featured within News Watch TV. News Watch TV is a morning news show that features content dealing with technology, business trends, and entertainment. March, 1990 was the start day of the company and with its more than 10,000 individual stories, it has reached 1,000 episodes.

NewsWatch television is considered the trusted source breaker in consumer relations, health, and travel. NewsWatch is not operated or owned by any networks on which it is broadcasted; instead, it is privately produced by Bridge Communications. Saygus, an American Smartphone manufacturer, hired NewsWatch TV to produce reviews for them mainly because they felt it was important to get the right message, delivered in the right way. Contour Design is another company that used NewsWatch television to help drive their sales up by introducing them to over 200 U.S. Markets. These markets reached over 95 million households through national broadcasting.

NewsWatch TV airs for 30 minutes weekly on known television networks such as AMC and ION. The overall achievements of NewsWatch TV have gone from being a foreign television station to becoming a household name. On top of many different consumers benefiting from NewsWatch TV, the station has also included the appearances of 100s of celebrities to add to its repertoire. Since its startup up until now, NewsWatch TV has reached more than 700 million people. This increase in audience created a new marketable niche inside of NewsWatch TV. This new niche is written exposés. The popularity of NewsWatch TV’s magazine has increased to such a degree that it is considered the most successful independently produced news magazines on television.


OSI Food Solutions Acquires Baho Foods, Tyson Plant and Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

OSI Food Solutions is a global leader in the production of quality meat products. The company has a wide portfolio of product offerings, including beef, pork, chicken, sausage and novelty food such as hot dogs. It is the largest privately-owned producer of meat products in the United States and has also earned the prestigious honor of being named to the list of Top 100 Companies in the United States.

OSI recently made three big announcements. First, the company has purchased a chicken production plant from Tyson Food Group in Chicago. Second, OSI’s facility in Toledo, Spain has gone through a major expansion process and will now be able to produce double the volume of chicken products each year. Finally, the company made the purchase of Baho Foods. All of these announcements showcase the major growth that OSI is poised for in 2018. Below are additional details regarding each of these major announcements.

OSI Doubles Chicken Production in Spain

OSI Food Group is known for its drive to consistently stay ahead of trends and consumer needs regarding the meat industry. The demand for chicken products has been steadily increasing throughout Spain and Portugal. In fact, last year the demand grew by eight percent. OSI Food Solutions was keenly aware of this growth, as well as projected future demand growth. The company chose to invest 17 million to increase the amount of chicken products that they can product at their facility in Toledo, Spain. The facility was expanded by 20,000 square feet and added a high-capacity production line. This high-capacity production line means that the facility will now double the amount of chicken produced. The facility will be able to produce 24,000 tons of chicken each year in comparison to the 12,000 tons of chicken that the facility was producing annually in previous years.

OSI Food Group Acquires Baho Foods

OSI made the decision to purchase a major stake in Baho Foods. The company is a leading producer of meats, including sausage, other pork products, beef and chicken. Baho Foods is based in the Netherlands and, although the company’s products are widely popular in that region, the products are also extremely popular throughout Europe. OSI believes this purchase will give them an even broader presence in Europe. Baho Foods has processing plans in the Netherlands and Europe and is the parent company to five brands. These brands are Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Henry van de Bilt. These brands are household names in nearly twenty countries in Europe.

For details: branchenbuch.meinestadt.de/guenzburg/company/2803011

The Brown Agency

Thanks to The Brown Agency, Texas has yet another thing to be proud of. The Brown Agency is a modeling agency located in Austin Texas, that is raising the fashion bar in a way that Central Texas hasn’t seen before. With their variety of models and talent, they have been able to turn the heads of the modeling world, and have become a power player in the fashion and marketing world.


According to Market wired, their high standards and great models have made them an extremely reputable agency. You can find their models in high-end runways shows, and modeling the latest from designers like Louis Vuitton; as well as modeling for companies like The Hilton Hotels, Dell and Toyota. This shows their ability when it comes to finding and cultivating multi-dimensional models across the board. The Brown Agency isn’t an agency that focuses on one ‘type’ of model or talent. They recruit all ages and genders while also focusing on different avenues of modeling style. When looking at their portfolio, you can see that they focus on both commercial modeling and theatrical modeling as well. These open a variety of doors for them and their talent.

Every week the Brown Agency holds casting calls where they are able to meet potential talent. Those coming to these casting calls are encouraged to bring photos and resumes that will show their abilities alongside any previous work that they have had. But even-so there have been plenty of fresh faces that have shown up with nothing more than a clean face and a smile; that have gone on to have amazing and successful careers in the modeling world.


The Brown Agency prides itself on having some of the best photographer and make-up artists to help them bring to life the vision that they have for their company and their models. While looking through their social media and website you can find very unique yet cohesive and beautiful images that will show you how talented this agency is and how well they are able to capture their models and captivate their audience.


Keep your eye on this talent agency, they are just getting started.



See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/justin-brown-5#/entity




The Many Endeavors of Dr. Jennifer Walden

When it comes to the world of plastic surgery, there are a number of high-quality plastic surgeons to choose from. The United States has its fair share of plastic surgeons, and one of the best just so happens to be located in the state of Texas. Have you ever heard of Dr. Jennifer Walden? Well, this woman is one of the most accomplished female, plastic surgeons in America. She is also one of the main reasons to why silicone-breast implants have made such a great comeback. Dr. Walden put in the time, the dedication and the effort by researching and releasing a ton of clinical trials.

In 2014, Dr. Walden was named by Harper’s Bazaar as “One of The 24 Best Plastic Surgeons” in America. This extraordinary plastic surgeon has been at the forefront for using some of the most advanced technologies in this exclusive field. The perfect example is that Dr. Walden was one of the first plastic surgeons to use laser machines. Yes, this is correct and she achieved great results from these advanced machines for vaginoplasties and for labiaplasties. Dr. Walden has certainly made a name for herself since she started her professional career. She has a M.D., as well as a B.A. in Biology. She is also the founder of the prominent Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. This state-of-the-art facility provides a wide range of services such as Rhinoplasty, facelifts, body sculpting, lip enhancement, laser-hair removal, breast reduction, breast augmentation, cheek implants and many more services.

Who knew that this former all-state soccer player would grow into such an iconic figure. She has definitely put the city of Austin, Texas, on the map. All in all, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the plastic surgeon of choice for high-quality medical procedures and that’s a fact.

Read More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Walden

Academy of Art University debut unique fashion lines at NYFW

The Academy of Art University was founded in San Francisco in 1929 and has called the city home since its inception. The school prepares aspiring creative professionals for careers in design, communications and the arts. They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Academy of Art University offers many intriguing areas of study including Art History, Jewelry & Metal Design, and the very popular Fashion program. Recently, several fashion students were able to exhibit their own designs on the runway.

On September 9. 2017 The School of Fashion at The Academy of Art University held its 21st runway fashion showcase at New York’s Fashion Week. The show is an incredible way to see a multitude of designers all in one sitting. This year ten BFA and MFA graduates debuted both womenswear and menswear collections. There was an incredible range of ideas, silhouettes and fabrics presented at the show This could be attributed to the diverse backgrounds of the participants. From China to California, the participants truly pulled ideas from their backgrounds and cultures. In addition to their backgrounds, participants were inspired by landscapes, prayer flags and their ancestors. Many of the participants have already completed prestigious internships and are considered the future of fashion.

The school is a truly innovate place. They believe in a no-barrier admissions policy, stating that passion is all that is required. Additionally the school believes that the best teachers are working, creative professionals who have actual experience in the fields they are teaching. Finally, The Academy of Art University believes in ethics when it comes to art and strives to instill this in all of their students.

If you are looking for a truly diverse place to grow as an artist, The Academy of Art University is the place to go. Their graduates represent 112 different countries. If you need to be further convinced to choose The Academy of Art University, look no further than their successful alumni. Their former students include a Pulitzer Prize winner, an Emmy winner and a storyboard artist for Fox’s King of the Hill.