Political And Economic Concerns Drive The Work Of End Citizens United

At one point in the early years of the Presidency of Barrack Obama it appeared as though the Republican Party was about to break up under the weight of the many faultlines which had appeared over the course of the Bush Presidency only for the GOP to return to power in the nation’s capital like a phoenix rising from the flames. Part of the success the Republican Party has been enjoying during the current decade can be laid firmly at the feet of the Supreme Court which made the decision to reverse a federal ruling regarding the Citizens United decision in 2010.

The End Citizens United PAC was created in 2015 to ensure the problems created by the Citizens United decision remained high on the list of the American public in the coming years; in a bid to make sure the decision was reversed, End Citizens United worked with the campaign funding reform-friendly Democrats during the 2016 Presidential election and in the buildup to the 2018 Midterms to create a brighter future for the American public in the face of more funding arriving for Republicans from special interest groups.

Just why does End Citizens United believe the U.S. political system has been broken by the Citizens United decision? This is a common question and to answer it one simply needs to look at the economic success being enjoyed by some of the wealthiest people in the U.S. who have close ties to the Republican wing of politics. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos married one of the leaders of the AmWay Group and has been building her success in terms of her role in the U.S. public school system since the arrival of the Citizens United decision in U.S. politics.

Aligning themselves with members of the Democratic Party has become a major part of the story of End Citizens United as Tiffany Muller created a pledge explaining the needs of the traditional PAC to remain consistent with no special interest funding allowed for those associated with End Citizens United. In 2016, as the U.S. Presidential elections approached only three Democrats signed the agreement. The changing tide of support for End Citizens United has resulted in more than 70 Democrats already in office or challenging for a seat in the 2018 Midterms signing the pledge and refusing the assistance of dark money groups.

About End Citizens United: thehill.com/social-tags/end-citizens-united

Alex Pall opens up to Interview magazine on their identity

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two DJs who met at a time when both of them were considering to explore the world of electronic dance music fully. They wasted no time in getting to work, producing hits like “Don’t let me down” and “Roses.” With their new single “Closer” which features Halsey, the duo diverges from their traditional beat making style and collaborating vocalists to including Andrew in the vocals. Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview magazine had a chance to speak to the Chainsmokers about their new song, identity and their evolution plans.

Alex Pall says that he knew they would work out from the moment they met each other because of their shared dream and drive. They took time to learn and understand the electronic music trends and used this knowledge to shape their identity. They worked hard on a daily basis to define their identity and become better artists for their growing audience.

According to Pall, singing on their songs is part of taking an active role in their work. He says even though they have always been involved in the song composition process by guiding songwriters and sometimes chipping in the writing process, “Closer” was a new experience for them. Andrew being part of the vocals is a step towards diversifying their identity. He tells Mathias that Halsey is an incredible artist whose voice fascinates him and working with her was one of their priorities.

Alex says he owes it to social media platforms that have helped them get to know the type of people that connect with their music and interact with them. It is exciting for them to know that their music is acknowledged internationally and it cuts across different age groups.

The DJ who grew up in New York admits that the electronic music scene is ever changing and growing. It requires one to try out new concepts to remain relevant and at the top. The duo performs their songs live and are thinking of new visual and creative ideas to add into their performance element like mixing videos of their live shows with their DJ show.


Trade in the Highs and Lows, Advises Stansberry Research

Resource markets are known for their cyclical trends, going through big ‘booms and busts’ a fact that makes people shy away from them. However, if invested at in the right way and at the right time, people can reap big and diversify their assets. There are some things to keep in mind according to Stansberry Research before thinking about the resource sector.

The sector works like free markets where each time supply and demand get out of hands the markets respond to create an equilibrium (Bloomberg). That is, if supply is scarce in relation to demand, prices will rise which will attract new capital for those in search of profit leading to more production increasing the supply as prices fall to reach an equilibrium. In most markets, producers make these changes constantly, but in the resource sector, it takes some time.

Stansberry Research found out that this is because the sector is time-and-capital-intensive and starting a venture such as drilling a well, a mine or a farming operation takes a lot of capital and time.

Producers do not stop producing when prices fall based on their big investments. This increases the supply and demand imbalances that take longer leading to high price swings on both extremes not seen in other markets. Buying a commodity following a considerable bust and when prices are low is one of the best ways to make a fortune in the future.

Stansberry Research recommends coffee as it is currently at low prices. They quote two times in the past when coffee rose by 45% in 10 months in 2015 when it had low prices, and in 2014 when coffee prices rose 92% in just 11 months. They believe a similar gain can be achieved within the next year in the coffee sector. They think marijuana is the next big trading opportunity pending legal battles.

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland-based investment research company offering its subscribers financial information and software. It provides markets briefings on investments opportunities in the global market, commodity markets, currency, and updates on world stock markets. Its weekly publications focus on financial and economic strategies and opinion on individual markets, gold, oil and the dollar markets.


Chris Linkas Explains Why Younger People Should Be Saving For Retirement As One Of Their Main Priorities

Chris Linkas remained in the financial industry for about 15 years. He is American and worked in places like Herndon, Virginia, Boston, Massachusetts, and New York, New York, for a number of financial firms like Goldman Sachs. In 2003 Chris Linkas got the opportunity to move to London, United Kingdom, where he is now the European head of credit for a multinational investment firm. He heads a department of 20 people and his focus is on investing in both the UK and Europe in areas such as real estate, shipping, and non-performing loans among other assets.

In his view far too many people in their 20s don’t invest, mainly because they are worried about paying off their student loans. Chris Linkas says that despite those loans and their other financial considerations they really should be investing some of their income. Real wealth is created through investing and over decades amazing sums can be had just from interest over time and reinvested dividends. All of this can be done passively and will really thank their younger selves one day when they can comfortably retire.

Chris Linkas says that the type of investing he does for work is very complicated and can be overwhelming at times. He says he reviews things with objectivity and he strives to stay on top of everything. He says the world of professional investing is always changing and just because something worked half a year ago doesn’t mean it is such a hot idea now (https://www.behance.net/chrislinkas). He also subscribes to both the New York Times and The Financial Times which he considers to be two vital newspapers.

Everyone who invests for retirement should know what the appropriate amount of risk taking their portfolio should have. Chris Linkas says that younger people should have quite a bit of risk because they’ll get good returns while having decades to recover from times the markets go south. As people get older they will want to boost the amount they have in bonds so that a recession doesn’t wipe out 50% or more of what they have accumulated over the course of their careers.

Learn from Upwork how to get More Done

Everyone has a to-do list, and everyone has a different way of getting it done. There are some things you can do to always make sure that all the things on your list get done. If you don’t have a plan the list can grow and then you’ll just keep adding to it. One thing you can do according to an article on Upwork is to keep your to-do list all in one place. If you use an app that’s the easiest way but if you prefer to write it down, keep it in the same place.

If you have little notes all over the place it’s easy to lose them. You can write a list for the next day the night before so you’re ready to tackle it right away instead of spending the time thinking about everything you want to get done. Another thing the Upwork article says is giving each task a time allotment. This will help you see what time is needed for each task and what you can realistically get done in a day.

No matter what job you are doing or project you’re working on, you’re going to have tasks that are more important than others. Prioritizing the things you know need to get one first will help you while you’re moving through your to-do list. You should continue to re-evaluate the list as you get things done to determine the continued urgency of each.

Delegation is another key point in getting your list completed. You can hire freelancers from Upwork to do some of the tasks you can’t get to. You can create a list of sub-tasks that others can take off your plate efficiently helping you get through the list quickly. The best way to not be overwhelmed with a huge to-do list is to break each task down into smaller tasks that are easier to manage and then each new check you make will feel that much more like an accomplishment.

Upwork is the largest freelancing website there is and is the best place to get everything from creative design to copy writing done. It’s easy to find the perfect freelancer to help you get your to-do list demolished quickly so you can go out and enjoy life.


End Citizens United Continues The Fight To Reform Campaign Financing

End Citizens United was created due to the Supreme Court decision of 2010. Every generation there are a few court cases that change the political ground. These rulings are always controversial with consequences and ramifications that change the political culture of America. One of these cases may very well be Citizens United. The decision was controversial, sparked political pushback and had a profound effect regarding politics.

The case began in 2008 when Citizens United attacked Hillary Clinton on film during the primaries for the Democratic Presidential. The FEC or the Federal Election Commission decided the movie was a ninety minute campaign ad. Citizens United refused to reveal who was responsible for the film. Citizens United attempted to have the FEC decision reversed and lost. Two years later the ruling of the federal court was overturned by the Supreme Court. The right guaranteeing free speech for individuals was extended to corporations. Governments were no longer able to put limitations on how much can be spent to influence an election by corporations.

The foreign interests of numerous United States corporations and the massive amount of money flooding the election system were ignored. The campaign contribution made by corporations were mainly anonymous and nearly unlimited. Television and radio ads decreased because the responsibility for financing was not being taken by the donors. The Republican party had an advantage due to Citizens United because this is where the ties to the nation’s wealthiest individuals existed.

The reaction caused by the ruling was heated and continual. The activists and open government organizations sided with the Democrats to overturn Citizens United. Polls revealed most Americans wanted limits on the amount PAC’s are able to spend for elections. It was officially on March 1st of 2015 End Citizens United joined the fight. Their goal is to overturn the ruling favoring Citizens United. They use grassroots funding to balance the massive funding unleashed by Citizens United. This funding is used to support Democratic candidates in favor of ending the decision of the Supreme Court.

End Citizens United seeks to stop the way politics are being influenced by corporate money. They are looking for campaign finance reform. They also want the rights regarding free speech to be defined for individual citizens and not corporations. Their main focus is directed at campaign finances laws with shorter terms. This is being accomplished by supporting candidates with a strong interest in changing the finance laws for campaigns and making the effort to end Citizens United.

For More info: www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/

Wes Edens, Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Oregon State University is one of the most prestigious universities which are known for the production of high minds. The minds of the great Wes Edens can be traced back to this great institution. Wes Edens is renowned business well recognised for his success as a private equity investor and a businessman. He is the CEO of the Fortress Investment Group.Wes is a graduate of the Oregon State University who graduated in 1984. He has a degree in finance and business administration. After his graduation, Wes Edens proceeded with his career journey in the finance industry where he worked for the Lehman Brothers.Wes worked his way up the career ladder and later became one of the managing partners in the Lehman Brothers company. He served as the managing director until 1993 where he changed his career and started working with Black Rock Asset Investors as the managing director until 1997.Later Wes Edens met with some four individuals and together they formed the worldwide global economic powerhouse which grew into the present Fortress Investment Group which was founded initially as a private investment firm in the equity industry.

The Career of Wes Eden at the Fortress Investment Group

During his career as the managing director at Fortress, Edens was well known for his excellent investment strategy.He had tactics and styles which could build up the business through various investments made.Using his expert leadership, Wes made fortress investment Group become the first public trading company in the entire globe. In 2007, the company held its first initial public offering. That acted as a landmark in the whole of American economic history.After becoming an IPO, the company has spread its wings and become one among the large alternative assets management companies.

The company was later bought by a technology firm, known as Softbank Group Corporation in 2017. During the cooperate merger, fortress gained a total of 140 million dollars during the incorporate valuation. This came from the ability of the company to charge a rate of 2.25 dollar premium in the stock market.The software group also agreed to give 8.08 dollar per share entirely for the company. Fortress investment group has since maintained its capability to perform well while working as a subsidiary of the S0ftbank group which is based in Japan. Wes Edens has maintained an excellent position in the Forbes billionaires list and is now known to be a great CEO, philanthropists and an investment strategist.

The career and philanthropy journey of Jeff Aronin

In 2000, Jeff Aronin founded the medical company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. For seven years from that time, he successfully led the company as the Chief Executive Officer and president until Jeff Aronin completed its acquisition process by Lundbeck Inc. Other than Ovation, Aronin has also been part of the executive team at several biopharmaceutical organizations. He is an experienced constructing and implementing strategic corporate transaction manager in areas including mergers and acquisitions. He is also a magnificent business developer, structuring expert, financial manager, and brand marketer.

Currently, Jeff Aronin is the chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the biopharmaceutical investment firm and healthcare developer called Paragon Biosciences. He landed this role after being a chairman of Paragon’s group companies like Creek pharmaceuticals, and Harmony Biosciences.

The entrepreneur and investor developed an interest in pharmaceuticals at a young age when he witnessed his mentor physician cure an epileptic patient by the use of medication as opposed to the usual surgical procedure after exploring a variety of options. He went ahead and sought out a degree from the University of Northern Illinois and later an M.BA from the University of DePaul.

Aronin is also an active lecturer in business in the Kellogg School of Management and the Booth Business School of the Chicago University. He was named the Crown Fellow of the Institute of Aspen in the year 2010.

Other than his various business endeavors, Aronin and his family are also involved in Philanthropy. He was appointed to the role of board director of the World Business of Chicago. This is an organization that was founded on the partnership between the state government and the business community to help promote business development in the State (http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/04/jeff-aronin-saved-desiree-lyon/). He is also the chairperson of the committee of biosciences Chicago NEXT, a former board member of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and is a current member of the Discover Financial Services foundation.

Jeff Aronin is also the founder of the organization, MATTER. MATTER is a society of innovators in the field of healthcare that is devoted to coming up with solutions for complex medical affairs that Aronin Co-Chairs.

Perry Mandera: Mental Filtering and Why He Still Stands Strong and Successful Today

There’s an idea in psychology called mental filtering that explains why we select our memories and how our minds could sometimes be vividly fabricating our past as we retell it. This is a concept most prevalent in business, too, where executives try to point out that the success they got is from their skills when it could be just as well that it’s quite just a matter of luck.

Fortunately, we know of people like Perry Mandera whose qualities, successes and achievements have been a matter of both luck and skills, and whose competence is unquestionably guaranteed.


How The Success of Perry Mandera Is Brought Out

The world of business knows that Perry Mandera is the CEO and the esteemed founder of The Custom Companies, which is a company that has built an impressive reputation in the field of transportation and logistics. Of course, this is not hard to expect from a person like Perry Mandera. He’s proven his competence already in the past work he did before being the founder of Custom Companies since the late 90s. That’s not hard to believe, already. What’s a more interesting area to consider is how he was able to sustain the level of success that he receives. At the risk of going for a little bit of mental filtering, we can say that the formative experiences in the past of Perry Mandera were his fundamentals in succeeding in the game. Not only is that a developmental structure in his skills, but it may well be the reason why he’s still able to work in the field that he’s in for quite some years already.


Donating To Charities

We can also say that the success of Perry Mandera could be because he knows how to share. He expands because he knows how to give help. His help doesn’t seem to be something that’s oriented towards building a brand. It’s not virtue merchandising, where the idea of support is being seen as commercial merchandise. He understands that to help, he has to sacrifice himself a lot, and this might be the reason why he still stands successfully today.

Southridge Financially Saving Companies

Southridge Capital, a company that offers advice and structure finance for public firms, is well-known for its dedication to helping clients meet their demands. The company does this by providing a whole scale of advanced financial solutions. Southridge is proud of its central executive team which is well knowledgeable of the marketplace. They are experts in curating and coming up with innovative business plans for their customers. Since 1996, the company has invested $1.8 billion into over 250 growth companies. Therefore, the company is well informed of the challenges growing companies face and you can consult them on more complex issues such as starting a public firm and about individualized financing techniques to optimized balance sheet management. To see more you can visit crunchbase.com



Southridge Capital offers services in all bases which include financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, access to merger candidates, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal statement services. Moreover, the firm’s structured finance sector of services contains securitization, credit, enhancing, and financing solution. Southridge Capital provides its Equity Purchase Agreement to every client which allows companies to raise their capital as they please independent of the market conditions. Southridge also offers other products which are a loan against a common stock, convertible preferred stock, and convertible debentures. To see more you can checkout southridgeholdingsllc.com


Southridge Capital is a private equity company that provides investment banking and security brokerage services to pubic growing firms. Southridge is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and it works to serve companies from all over the world. The company was established in 1996, and it has around 50 employees. The company has a compelling management team of five people who are Stephen Hicks, the founder, and CEO, Laurence Diktoff who is the Director of research, Narine Persaud, the controller and CFO, Linda Carlsen, a member of the Portfolio Management team, and Henry Sargent, the COO and General Counsel.


Southridge Capital works with Daystar Foundation, and it has provided financial support to numerous organizations. Some of the organizations are the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, Danbury Hospital, Lounsbury House, Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission among others. The company is committed to supporting charitable foundations through the Daystar Foundation. Southridge is a company that has helped many public companies and charitable organizations by providing financial support, and it has made firms grow faster and healthier.