All About Saving Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

During the hot days of summer your air conditioner can run full tilt for 12 to 16 hours a day, especially in the warmer climates. Goettl Air Conditioning has some smart suggestions on how to make your air conditioner run more efficiently thus reducing the cost you have to pay.

Start out by going outside to your outside unit. Just be sure that there is no tall plant growth within two feet of the unit and that debris and clutter is not present. This will impede the operation of the unit if it is present. Also, remove the cover and with your garden hose, wash the coils thoroughly. The coils have a tendency to accumulate things like grass clippings and debris and should periodically be checked.

Secondly, make good use of ceiling fans. If you don’t have ceiling fans, even floor fans can help. The fans help the cool air in the house to circulate making it easier for the thermostat to work. If the air is constantly cool around the thermostat, indeed it is less likely that it will be calling for more cool air to be produced. According to the United States Department of Energy, the use of fans can allow the thermostat to be turned up an additional four degrees without anyone in the house feeling the least bit uncomfortable.

According to Arch News, the use of programmable or “smart” thermostats can be very useful. When you are away from the house such as when you go to work, trips, shopping and other times, the thermostat can be set to automatically reduce the need for cool air in the house. There is little sense in cooling the house to your comfort levels if you are not there. Some thermostats can actually sense when no one is home, making things even easier in this regard.

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