All About Orthopedic Surgery With Greg Finch

An orthopedic surgeon deals with conditions that involve bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments. This is a person who also helps his or her patient’s with procedures and treatments that do not involve surgery. Greg Finch is a very well known orthopedic surgeon, he is an individual who has dedicated much time and effort into the study of orthopedic surgery. Greg Finch is an individual who was born in Australia, and he graduated from the Auckland Medical School in 2001.


While Finch is an individual who is very knowledgeable about different orthopedic surgeries, he is an expert when it comes to minimally invasive spine surgeries. Spine surgeries are some of the most commonly performed surgeries in the United States and beyond, and many doctors are looking into minimally invasive procedures because they decrease the healing time of their patients, and the surgeries also can help their patients to quickly alleviate their pain.


Greg Finch is a member of the North American Spine Society, and he is a surgeon who is internationally known because of the quality of work that he has done and also because of the experience and insight that he has given to minimally invasive spinal surgeries.


One very common spinal surgery is a spine surgery. There are many reasons why an individual might need to get a spinal surgery. Serious back pain can impair a person’s daily life. A very common spinal surgery is called a spinal fusion. This surgery joins vertebrae together, and it limits stretching of the nerves. Another very common procedure is called an ACL reconstruction. This is done when the ACL is torn. The surgeon has to use tissue from another organ or donor to replace the torn tissue. This new tissue will start filling in where the torn ligament was absent, and this process will cause the new ligament to be secure.


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