Surf Air – Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Recent news highlights that the all-inclusive private airline, Surf Air, is welcoming summer with a very busy schedule under inclusive plans. Surf Air is proud to announce that all members will receive enhancements included in their membership that will result in their 5-year anniversary. Their celebration is geared towards thanking their members for their continued loyalty, support, and services.

Surf Air originally started out with a few members that needed private air travel to take part in doing something fun over the weekend. They have grown their business immensely throughout the years and have proudly partnered with All Roads North. They will now provide luxury travel extended through the exclusive airline. All Roads North have been providing memorable luxury road trips for many members throughout the United States since 2014. Surf Air allows members to plan their unique trips with tailored detail and expertise. They offer some of the best hotels, the most famous restaurants, and scenic landscapes.

The members at Surf Air are welcomed into the community with individuals who are diverse and those who are experts in the industry. They understand that time and productivity are essential and they value a strong appreciation for establishing lasting relationships. In light of their recent expansion, they are excited to announce that they will be partnering with The Private Suite Lax which will include a complimentary annual membership valued at $4500.

Surf Air is the first private air travel club that offers monthly flights at an unlimited frequency. The company moves toward frequent business travel and leisure adventures to help members experience a stress-free flying experience. Their inventory of private airplanes continues to grow with its well-established expanding business. They work with private airports in the United States and Europe while also providing global charter services involved in their Surf Air Anywhere Program.

Dr. Jennifer Walden

As yet another strong and ambitious woman in the medical field, Jennifer Walden has been an advantageous plastic surgeon that is quite famous and renowned in Austin, Texas (United States). She’s been a certified plastic surgeon awarded by the “American Board of Plastic Surgery”. Starting out in the “big apple” of New York City, she moved back to Texas in her later years to provide for her sons. Since then, she has still managed to maintain a significant role in the surgical field as she is an active member of the “American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” (ASAPS). Amongst the organization founded in 1968 are close to around 2,600 surgeons worldwide that look for ways of advancing cosmetic surgery. She has also maintained a high maintenance job in this illustrious organization as the “Commissioner of Communications” where she has overseen the global communications of the firm. Dr. Walden graduated from “Anderson High School” playing soccer and later received an undergraduate education at the “University of Texas” in Austin. After graduating college, she was awarded honors and a Bachelors in arts and biology. Later she received Medical Doctorate.

With many titles and a job that regularly puts her in the spotlight, Ms. Walden has been featured in a number of magazines such as “MD Monthly”, “Texas MD”, “Vive”, “Austin MD” and few others. The magazines showcase the medical community and those in it that are for the development and advancement that comes along with it. Along with her astonishing accomplishments as a surgeon, like many that are successful and looking to provide for their community, her success doesn’t stop there. She has also established herself as an author, and a teacher of plastic surgery informing students and those who take an interest about face-lifting, breast implants, fat transplants, hair restoration, and a considerable amount of other topics. In mention of her writing skills, Ms. Walden has published numerous articles and presented awards for research papers at national meetings. She has also co-authored a textbook named “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”. Outside of this, she also portrays and participates in a level of philanthropy and activism.

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The Career Accomplishments of Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an accomplished private equity investor, businessman, and sports team owner. Edens is the owner of the League of Legends. Wes Edens is also a co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks. Wesley is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Edens has served at Fortress as a Co-chairman, Principle, Head of Private Equity, and Chief Investment Officer. Wes Edens served at Fortress from 1998 to 2003 as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.Wes is a highly experienced individual who has served in numerous other reputable companies. For instance, from 2002 to 2007, he served at Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC as the CEO. Wes Edens also joined Eurocastle Investment Ltd where he served as the Chief Executive Officer. His other notable career accomplishment is serving at Global Signal Inc. as the President.

Wes Edens also was the CEO of other international companies such as Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc. and Capstead Mortgage Corp. Wes is an alumnus of Oregon State University where he pursued Business Administration and Finance. Edens also has gained extensive experience as a director of multinational companies. Wes is an expert in private equity management and finance. Currently, he is a chairman of numerous companies such as Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, Drive Shack Inc., New Media Investment Group Inc., Mapeley Limited, and Springleaf Finance, Inc.In 1984, Edens graduated from Oregon State University and got his first job at Lehman Brother in 1987.

At Lehman Brothers, he served between 1987 and 1993. Later on, he joined BlackRock Asset Investors as a managing director. Edens is popularly known for his recent $550 million purchase of Bucks where he partnered with Marc Lasry. The two planned to construct a new arena for the basketball team. In 2006, Wes led the acquisition of Center Home Equity Company, LLC by Fortress in 2006 for $575 million. Wesley is a family man who is married to Lynn. The two have four adorable children. His youngest daughter is Mallory. Despite his busy career schedule, Wes creates time to enjoy with his family and hobbies. Some of his hobbies include mountain climbing and horse jumping.

End Citizens United Chooses Their Roster

As the 2018 mid-term approaches PAC organization End Citizens United releases its advocation of political candidates. The organization is devoted to getting advocates for election reform seated, and investigates candidates it believes are guilty of accepting money from corporations. Before elections ECU looks at candidates who will work to end Citizens Unites and the precedent it sets.End Citizens Unites is the PAC borne of the 2010 Supreme Court Decision in favor of Citizens United. The decision redefined the first amendment as pertaining to both individual and corporations. It effectively removed any and all limitations Big Money had, allowing campaign contributions to come in bulk.

One of the candidates being advocated for by ECU is Randy Brice.Randy Brice is a former iron worker and veteran who is aiming for the Speaker of the House seat about to be evacuated by Paul Ryan. The candidate relies on small donations to see his election through. Trying to get a Speaker of the House seat is a difficult task, but Brice is up to doing it without Big Money. This is what makes him attractive to ECU.In order to reverse the 2010 case legislation has to be passed that redefines the first amendment. The amended amendment would define free speech as a luxury of the individual. The ruling would bring back limitations, and allow many to breath in relief.

Many doubt that elections will ever be the same, as corporations can buy both candidate and policy. End Citizens United is dedicated to stopping that.For this purpose End Citizens United supports candidates who stand for election reform, and fight candidates guilty of using corporation contributions. The fight is a game of chess, where pieces have to be moved off the board to make way for others. End Citizens United endures that their pieces remain so that the necessary legislation will pass.

Ryan Seacrest Manages To Make An Extremely Full Life Run Smoothly

Ryan Seacrest is still getting used to New York after relocating from Los Angeles to host Live with Kelly Ripa. He also hosts American Idol and Keeping Up with the Kardashians in addition to his responsibilities for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, On Air with Ryan, and his skin care and fashion lines. He starts his days early with a shower, shave and a little face moisturizer. Ryan Seacrest considers a t-shirt, sweats and a hoodie his uniform. He enjoys matcha tea and coffee to help start his day.

When Ryan Seacrest was younger he felt guilty when he took the time to work out during business hours. As time passed, the man of polish and distinction realized this was an important aspect of balancing his work and intense schedule. He brought along a trainer when he was in the Bahamas for a live show with Kelly. This ensured he could maintain his routine. Ryan Seacrest also began working with a boxing coach in addition to Peloton bikes and running in the park.

As per, Ryan Seacrest enjoys a little TV and the overnight news in the morning. Then he does some reading on the way to work each morning by taking a car from the Upper East Side. He has learned he only has so much time so he only accepts and phone interviews and any special requests during the second half of his day. He reserves his afternoons for anything he considers long term. He has learned self discipline and that everything does not need to be handled immediately. Ryan Seacrest also learned people’s favorite words are yes and got it. These have become his favorite replies to emails.

Ryan Seacrest admits to being a massive foodie but tries to maintain a mostly vegan diet. He says drinking wine and eating well are partially how he enjoys life. On the weekends he splurges on a sensational bottle of wine and a family style, two hour meal. He has tried mediation but says he is easily distracted because he has attention deficit disorder. One way of coping is by putting his phone down or having it locked away while traveling.


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Sean Penn tries a hand in novels through his satirical, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

A good book leaves a long-time impression on a readers mind. Therefore, the best authors tend to combine different styles to make a book captivating and memorable. Sean Penn, through his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, has endeavored to mesmerize his readers. The accomplished actor, journalist, and candid activist combine all these in the book, which talks about issues affecting people.


The story was initially an audiobook released in 2016 and narrated by Sean Penn under the pseudonym “Pappy Pariah“. The book tells a story of social evils done by people who, in the public eye, are noble and hold prominent positions.


The narrative style of the story incorporates some elements of poetry, fever dreams, and crazy adventures of the main character. It also comprises of satire relating to the culture and political situation in the United States and other parts of the globe. The main character is a man called Bob Honey. Bob is a middle-aged divorced man who has traveled in around the world as a waste management expert. He also works as a secret agent who assassinates the elderly and is involved in unscrupulous business with dictators. Bob’s antisocial behavior is often a concern for his neighbors within the suburban California neighborhood.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff narrates the adventures of Bob during his numerous trips. The exploits symbolize the works of Bob who has no regard for the rights of other people. They also illustrate the wrongdoings that are happening in various parts of the world by people who cannot be questioned. The book also points out the nature of American politics and how it has influenced the culture of the citizens.


Bob’s behavior is also described and illustrates a man who is quite difficult to understand. He does not like how advertising and social media have received prominence. Besides, he does not like the way people want to know about his businesses and operations. It is well demonstrated by his reaction when a journalist wants to know the reason behind the numerous complaints lodged against him. An encounter with a stranger who wants to share stories puts him in an awkward position.

As an assassin, Bob likes to use a mallet. He also writes a letter to a fictional president, which details his dislike of the country’s policies and political direction. The message is an addition to the many issues to which Bob expresses discontentment.

In essence, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff tries to point out social issues in the country through satire. Readers should be prepared to crack the satirical and symbolism elements in the book gradually.

End Citizens United Fights Rick Scott by Filing a Complaint to the FEC

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization, taking in, on average, less than 20 dollars per member. Their goal is to bring the voting power back to the common people. After a Supreme Court decision made it possible for corporations to purchase elections, End Citizens United decided to work to have the decision overturned.

End Citizens United pursues their goals by support Democratic candidates that do not accept corporate PAC money. PACs are organizations that act independently from campaigns they support. Politicians that accept PAC money are not allowed, by law, to communicate and organize with PACs.

According to End Citizens United, and multiple other sources, that is exactly what Rick Scott, current candidate for U.S. Senate is doing: he is working with New Republican, a PAC that is supporting his Senate run.

In fact, End Citizen United has filed a formal complaint on Rick Scott to the Federal Election Commission. Their claim is supported by evidence. Jenny Drucker, a fundraiser who works for both New Republican and Rick Scott’s campaign is a prime example of evidence that Rick Scott is in communication with New Republican.

Rick Scott used to work for New Republican too. In fact, he held a high position in the organization: he was the chair for the company. During Rick Scott’s time with New Republican, they focused on supporting Donald Trump and his re-election campaign efforts.

Rick Scott has been in legal trouble before. Scott was formally the CEO of Columbia/HCA, and in 1997, he and his company were accused of Medicare fraud. Scott refused to answer questions in court concerning the charges, pleading the fifth amendment. After it was determined that Columbia/HCA should pay $1.7 billion dollars in fine, Rick Scott resigned from the company.

End Citizens United has seen lots of success so far in 2018. Most special elections have went to Democratic candidates that are supported by the organization. They are supporting a variety of candidates going into November’s mid-term elections. Beto’ O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, and Bob Casey are just a few of the politicians supported by them.

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The Story of Jason Hope

The internet came into the lives of people and made things so easy. Most of the things that are taking place in the market are happening because of the modern technology. There are many organizations that have ventured into the global platform because they have embraced the internet, and has made the profits grow. All the changes taking place in the global platform came with some share of challenges. Although the internet has been in the world for a long time now, it has left some people with some complaints. There are some parts of the world that have not yet embraced technology because they believe that they will be left without employment.

There are millions of experts who are making the internet story popular among the people. Jason is one of the experts. The American based investor is associated with the many changes we have been experiencing in the recent times. Jason Hope is a professional who discovered the need of having technology in the company operations, and he has not disappointed the people who depend on him for his expertise. Jason Hope is considered to be behind the internet of thing technology. The businessman brought this idea several years ago, and he has made many companies very profitable with the expertise he has been sharing through various platforms.

Jason is not a stranger for the global platform. The businessman is very popular in the corporate world because of the kind of skills he has. According to Jason Hope, the internet is the only way to make the world a great place that is full of profits at the end of the day. Jason has been fortunate with his career, and he has made a lot of wealth because he believes in the modern technology. The businessman got his skills because he went for his education at some of the leading institutions in the entire world. Jason Hope has been performing well in his career, and he has motivated so many people with the expertise he has introduced.

Although Jason has brought so much in the technology world, he has recently ventured into anti-aging research. In a recent report, the businessman says that he has donated a lot of money to a non-profit making organization so that research can be carried out. Jason Hope believes that people do not have to lose their lives to dangerous medical conditions that are brought by age. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry

Why Robert Ivy Was The Right Person For The Lifetime Award

It’s probable you have come across the names of the highly experienced architects in various books, online platforms, or even from other sources. Although several professionals may have been in the same career or business field for the same period, there is always one who outshines the others in expertise and skills. This has happened in architecture industry where Robert Ivy is not a stranger to most people. As a competent architect, Robert has worked in various architectural organizations, and the change, transformation, and improvement he has brought are colossal. He has worked at the American Institute of Architects where he discharged his duties as the Chief Executive Officer. Due to unmatched hard work and devotion to his work, the Mississippi Institute of Arts gave Robert a lifetime award for his outspoken achievements.

It remains a surprise that Robert was the first architect to receive such an award. You can’t stop Robert from performing, creating, or even promoting art. His name is included among the names of the die-hard art fanatics, art patrons, and veteran artists who showed incomparable commitment and passion for art. When someone does what they like most, the results are undeniable. Nancy LaForge, the President of the Institute of Arts in Mississippi, said Robert’s contribution to artwork has always been tremendous. She said Robert Ivy would not withhold any strength, time, or resource he could use to instill growth and development in the world of architecture.

Receiving a lifetime achievement award isn’t as easy as some people purport it to be. One would have to initiate something with a lasting positive impact and probably what no one else ever did. This wasn’t a hard thing for Robert Ivy to do. Before Robert transformed the field of architecture, most people found it hard to access the discipline. The global commentator and writer made it easier for them using his outstanding skills and developmental mind. One strategy that made it easier for Robert to head the architectural industry is his strong teamwork spirit.

The architectural industry will forever remain grateful for how instrumental Robert was. Before he became a certified architect, Robert Ivy was an enthusiastic editor and author on various topics, especially on the architectural ones. As a visionary and certified architect, Robert said it was important to implement certain policies that would make the lives of the architects better. He used his strong leadership skills to ensure the licensed project managers, architects, engineers, and allied partners were united. Robert fought hard to ensure the standards supporting continued education were set and implemented. He also empowered the scholarship programs of the inexperienced architects, and set a pace for the future team leaders and designers.

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