How Waiakea Water Is Tackling Some Of The Tough Issues In The Bottled Water Industry

There are a lot of companies in the bottled water industry. It is an industry that is now worth more than $100 billion on a global basis. An entire aisle in many grocery stores is dominated by different brands. The number one market is currently Italy for bottled waters but there are several other nations close behind. Read more about Waiakea Water on

The notion of people buying bottled water would have been ridiculed not that many years ago. This is especially true in countries where tap water is just as clean as bottled water and is basically free. To stand out and gain sales many bottled water companies now has a unique take where they offer something in the water that their competitors don’t. It might contain a mix of vitamins or the company will have a unique filtration process that leads to a health benefit.

One bottled water brand that is new and distinctive is Waiakea Water. This brand is located in Hawaii and features water that has been naturally filtered through volcanic rock. The name of the water is based on the Hawaiian words, “wai akea” which translates to English as “broad waters”. Having been founded in 2012, the company makes use of the way that lava rock naturally filters water while also adding a host of beneficial minerals to the water.


Another part of the industry that Waiakea Water is tackling is one of the biggest issues people have with bottled water, namely the bottles themselves. They are very harmful to the environment and don’t break down for over 1,500 years. Given that only 23% of bottles are recycled this is a big problem. Waiakea Water bottles are made from 100% recycled bottles which definitely helps. Additionally, starting in 2018 their bottles will incorporate a new substance they helped create called TimePlast. This material will break down the bottle in just 15 years which is, of course, much better than 1,500 years.

For these reasons and others Waiakea Volcanic bottled water has been named by some publications as one of the best water brands in the world. One of them, 10 Best Water, named it as the #1 water label that is available due to the quality of the water and how it is packaged. Visit BevNet to know more.

Mitigating Risks and Protecting Customer’s Privacy: Onelogin Breaks it Down

With risks of data and privacy breach reaching a new level in the digital realm, companies are continually searching for ways to protect their systems and the privacy of customer related information. Some of such mitigation measures include adopting frameworks developed by regulatory authorities within their jurisdiction, iterating their existing systems and even developing policies to govern their operations.

One company that has had an elaborate risk management blueprint is OneLogin. Below is an overview of the measures that the company has adopted to avert risks posed by today’s ever dynamic online world.

Company overview

OneLogin is a cloud-based identity management platform and which helps businesses and organizations to secure users’ access to applications and company devices. Besides this, OneLogin helps boost the staff’s productivity by leveraging on single sign-on.

The 4 Intuitive Risk Management Efforts that Endears OneLogin to its Clientele

  1. Aligning policies and processes to existing regulatory frameworks

OneLogin expedites every effort to ensure that their processes, right from their data mapping diagrams to privacy frameworks, conform to the existing guidelines and frameworks set by regulatory authorities.

  1. Tailoring the end products to meet their customer’s language needs

Language is an important aspect of communication. To meet their customers’ language needs, OneLogin strives to ensure that their privacy frameworks conform to the guidelines set out in GDPR with regard to data breach notification language, use of subcontractors and role of data processors availed to data contractors.

  1. Leveraging on the expertise of Data Protection Officers (DPO)

To meet the requirements set out in the GDPR, the company has contracted an independent legal counsel within EU region to serve as the company’s DPO.

  1. Certifications in relevant areas

Requirements and certifications change with time. To safeguard the trust they’ve earned from their clients overtime, OneLogin invites independent reviews from regulators to ensure their frameworks conform to latest guidelines.

The next review for a GDPR certification is scheduled for May 2018 and is aimed at unearthing and sealing any loopholes in their policy and privacy frameworks.

Final word

As more organizations shift to using digital platforms to reach to a larger market segment, securing their systems as well as safeguarding their users’ privacy is a key pillar to their success. OneLogin strives to provide tools and the expertise to help companies overcome the challenges of the dynamic online world.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler: The Brains Behind TechStyle Fashion Group

TechStyle was co-founded in March 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler as JustFab. These two are the Co-CEO’s of this company. Adam deals with data, marketing, margins and internal systems whereas Ressler is in charge of talent, vision and customer experience.

Adam Goldenberg had started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of thirteen. His first venture was an online bulletin board that he later turned into a gaming website named Gamers Alliance. At seventeen, Adam sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix where he was offered a job. He became world’s youngest Chief Operating Officer at nineteen years. With an eye for entrepreneurship and all things technology he founded Intelligent Beauty and in turn start up other businesses like DermStore.

Ressler on the other hand, has ventured into different businesses that have been success stories. He founded his own company which he sold to Intermix in 1997. Don Ressler had also co-founded Alena media and Hydroderm a skincare brand. Don Ressler had started Intelligent Beauty together with Adam Goldenberg, and this is what birthed TechStyle.

Recent trends have indicated the use of technology and E-commerce for fashion related industries. Today the fashion world has to learn how to keep up with consumers whose lives are intertwined with the use of technology. This has led them to use social media as a marketing tool and other methods like CRM technology. TechStyle having been co-founded by two technological geniuses is a leader in managing and making sales by employing technology.

A commonly used method to lure prospective customers is the membership program. This has worked immensely for TechStyle. They used this technique on their footwear collection back in 2010. Those who had been subscribing to their VIP monthly subscription had lots of offers. This included a 30% off in sales, free shipping, loyalty rewards and access to exclusive products and promotions. This made TechStyle then JustFab realize growth in their clientele by almost six million in two years.

The company was then able to expand to other countries like the UK, and Germany among others in four years. It is during this time that the company had rebranded themselves From JustFab to Techstyle. This was to show the involvement of technology in the fashion industry. Adam and Ressler having dealt with technology in their careers before are determined to make technology work in TechStyle. In this bid, the company has created six Fashion Operating Systems namely;

CRM membership System

Personal Styling System

E-commerce System

Omni-Channel Retail System

Enterprise Data Management System

Supply Chain and Fulfilment System

All this is to make shopping and own styling easier.