Securus Technologies – Helping Modernize the Prison Facilities and Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies has for years been the number one company in the correctional world, and it has been able to sustain that position because of its focus on innovation and research. The company continues to come up with products that are innovative, efficient, and economical at the same time. Even though the competition is high in the correctional industry, Securus Technologies has been able to dominate the industry for close to three decades. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that it continues to modernize the correctional sphere.


As a leader in the crime prevention and inmate communication field, Securus Technologies has for long been one of the most dominating companies in the prison industry. I have been using its services for nearly a decade and have rarely faced any issues. The company ensures that it continues to update its products and services from time to time to make sure that it doesn’t fall behind the products and services offered by the new companies that are emerging in the correctional sphere. Even after facing heavy competition from other companies for so many years, Securus Technologies has been able to maintain its position at the top as it focuses on innovation as well as keeping the prices of its products and services low.


Whenever I have faced any problems with the inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies, its customer care services has resolved my problems within minutes and hours, without delaying it further. It is not the kind of experience you would have with other companies in the correctional industry as their customer service is not that good, and the bad reviews of other companies regarding poor customer service can be found everywhere on the internet. However, Securus Technologies has emphasized on providing superior customer service from day one and has even won the Gold Stevie Award for the same.

Austin, Texas’ Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association offers the following anesthesiology services; general anesthesia cause complete stillness and unconsciousness during surgery involving making incisions. Anesthesiologists use a combination of regional and general anesthesia. Regional anesthesia controls the pain of a particular section of the body such as arms, legs, or lower abdomen. Local anesthesia is used to control pain in specific sections of the body on the skin and tissue. Capitol Anesthesiologists also have procedures for pediatric anesthesia. Children need IVs as well as adults. Colds do not postpone surgery. Obstetric anesthesia is the next type of anesthesia that is performed. Capitol Anesthesiology Association additionally offers cardiac anesthesia.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association also works to give to philanthropic organizations such as Austin Smiles, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach, Eels on Wheels, Operation Smile, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Family Eldercare, and Partnerships for Children. Physicians are board certified with advanced training in anesthesia techniques. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) work with capable physicians providing appropriate anesthesia techniques. Registered Nurses are trained in anesthesia to work with physicians and CRNAs to provide quality care. Capitol Anesthesiologists are able to provide excellent surgical care with regard to the patient.

Basics Regarding Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a privately operated firm focusing on screening services for adults. The company started by providing their services in Florida before expanding into the entire United States and U.K. By 1998, Lifeline Screening had served over 500, 000 people. Later in 2007, they advanced their screening by adding finger-stick blood tests to their procedures. Finger-stick blood testing screens for cholesterol count, inflammation, and diabetes. The numerous tests have attracted many people who are willing to know their status and make necessary adjustments. Precisely, Lifeline Screening is registered to be performing over 1 million tests on a yearly basis. These are inclusive of electrocardiographs, ultrasound scans, and blood screenings. For more info about us: click here.

Why an Appointment with Lifeline Screening is Worth Every While

Lifeline screening globally appreciated for their dedication to performing preventive health screenings to their patients. Their primary goal is to detect possibilities of life-threatening conditions so that the patient deals with the problem before it intensifies. You have every reason to visit an amenity that helps you prevent risks that could cost your life. In fact, you will only get better because the procedures are non-invasive and painless. The professionals performing screenings are highly informed and use high-end equipment that are similar to those found in hospitals. On the other end are board-certified physicians who interpret the results and share them with your doctor for immediate treatment should the need arise.

Additional Advantages of Visiting Lifeline Screening

Apart from the tests, the company goes on to provide health eNewsletter aimed at helping you manage your lifestyle and minimize health risks. The particular guide has so far helped thousands of people change their lifestyles and focus on their wellness. If you are looking for something that will help you control chronic illnesses or keep them at bay, no doubt Lifeline Screening is the place for you. Their corporate wellness programs are highly informed. In it, they have employee empowerment programs where they provide them with records of their health results. The company’s involvement in intensive medical research maintains them as relevant authorities in the healthcare industry, and particularly in tests.

James Dondero’s Workplace and Biographical History

Highland Capital Management is currently known as one of the United States’ top investment management agencies, headed by president James Dondero. The alternative investment group was founded some twenty-some years ago, in January of 1990. James “Jim” Dondero, alongside business partner Mark Okada, founded Highland Capital Management via a partnership with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Three years later, the group adopted the title Protective Asset Management Company, or PAMCO for short. PAMCO was owned 40% by Dondero and Okada, the remainder belonging to Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The partners bought out the insurance company’s 60% stake in 1997 and changed its name to Ranger Asset Management. In 1998, James Dondero and Mark Okada switched the newly-founded organization’s name to Highland Capital Management.

Prior to Dondero’s time at what came to be known as Highland Capital Management, he was the chief investment officer at GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance Company. From 1989 to 1993, after which the early stages of Highland began to form, Dondero spurred more than two billion dollars’ worth of growth in GIC.

Mr. Dondero jumpstarted his career by studying both accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. While at the Richmond, Virginia postsecondary institution, he was involved in the McIntire Schools of Commerce’s highest honor societies, Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. Originally planning to work in industrial accounting, Dondero earned the title of Certified Management Accountant, or CMA. He later went on to work towards the credential of Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA. Dondero was quickly hired on to financial servicer Morgan Guaranty in 1984, immediately contributing to the organization as a financial analyst.

Domestic credit card giant American Express provided him a position in analyzing bonds held by companies and corporations. Mr. James Dondero then fought his way up the workplace ladder, becoming a portfolio manager of an impressive one billion dollars‘ worth of static, passive income for their clients, finally leaving in 1989.

Today, James Dondero serves as the president of NexBank, a institutional banking facility with three locations throughout the Lone Star state, and co-founded the organization some years ago.

Jim Larkin A Historical Figure

James Larkin was really conceived in Liverpool however of Irish guardians; he was brought up in destitution and got minimal formal training. Constrained into easygoing work as a youngster, he had by his twenties discovered consistent work in the city’s docks.

It was fundamentally from his own involvement of hardship that he gained his deep rooted sense of duty regarding progressive communism, the pulverization of private enterprise, scorn of misuse and solid character with the underprivileged. He at first rose to unmistakable quality amid a dock strike in 1905 and the next year was welcome to end up plainly full-time coordinator of the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL).

Sent to Belfast in 1907, he was the primary individual to endeavor to compose its incompetent work drive. He set up a union branch which nearby managers looked to break by methods for a lockout and a biting question took after (May-November 1907). It finished when the NUDL pioneers achieved a settlement over his head.

In 1908 Larkin was sent to Dublin to prepare port specialists there in any case, feeling deceived by occasions in Belfast and restless to break free from British exchange unionism, he set up his own particular union, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

Inside three years it had turned into Ireland’s biggest and most aggressor union and he himself had turned into the question of laborers’ worship. He was a moving speaker, physically effective, and energetic in his endeavors for the benefit of his specialists. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Looking for to enhance their working conditions as well as to reestablish their confidence, he bolstered approaches that advanced social fairness and equity and supported social and social accomplishment. He leased convenience in Clontarff and procured Liberty Hall in 1912 as the union’s home office. In 1911, he built up a week after week daily paper.

Then the ITGWU had prevailing with regards to sorting out all the untalented work in the capital separated from the Corporation, the building exchange, Guinness’ Brewery and the Dublin United Tramway Company (DUTC). Larkin’s encounter with the DUTC accelerated the 1913 Dublin Lockout.

The scene demonstrated his fearlessness maybe more than his judgment, and showed the hasty and erratic side of his inclination. Annihilation crushed his union.

In October 1914, he cleared out for the US to raise assets to reconstruct it. While there he contradicted American passage into World War I, acclaimed the Russian upheaval and was detained for very nearly three years amid the ‘red frighten’ (1919) preceding being expelled in 1923.

In spite of his strenuous endeavors Jim Larkin never recaptured his before mastery of the Irish work development. His militancy prompted his ejection from the union he had established yet he was on two events chose to the Dail. He passed on in 1947


How Betsy DeVos Has Helped to Improve the Quality of Education

For many years, parents in the United States have been forced to choose schools for their children based solely on their homes’ ZIP codes. However, the introduction and expansion of charter schools and educational choices have left parents with broader options on where to send their kids. One person who has worked tirelessly to ensure successful implementation of these programs is Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the current Education Secretary in the USA. She has advanced the need to provide parents with more options and freedom when educating their children. According to Mrs. DeVos, it is the only way that equity can be enhanced within the education system in the country.

As an active politician, Betsy DeVos held a political party position and also mobilized politicians in Michigan to support her reform agenda with the aim of improving the quality of education. Today, many students are able to attend schools of their choice, where they are assured better education. She has been involved directly with establishing and heading several charitable organizations with the aim of funding educational programs in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition, Betsy has led PACs that sponsor election of reform oriented candidates to the Congress. Through a number of initiatives she led, the educational choice movement has spread to 25 states.

Mrs. Betsy DeVos has worked very hard to eliminate the perception many people had that ZIP code or the income of a family do not determine the quality of education a student would receive. It was expected that Betsy would push the agenda of having states and localities control the education sector. As such, parents would have greater say when choosing appropriate educational settings for their children. It would be the right way of ensuring students are on the right path to achieving successful careers in their life. Through the support of her husband, Dick DeVos, they have donated millions of dollars to sponsorship programs as well as funding various organizations advancing the need for quality education. The couple donates their funds through Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

Betsy’s Personal Biography

Betsy DeVos’ mum was a school teacher and she played a critical role of developing her (Betsy) interest in education from an early age. Furthermore, while Betsy was growing up, many leaders in her home town were involved in the development of various projects to increase opportunities for students to access world-class education. It also offered parents more options of selecting the right schools to send their kids. For over a decade, Mrs. DeVos assisted students, parents and tutors through mentorship programs in Grand Rapids. She mainly helped at-risk students learning in public schools. Betsy received her BA degree from Calvin College. She is married to a politician, businessman and philanthropist Dick DeVos.

The Philanthropy Of George Soros Moves Into North America

The major liberal political donor, George Soros, has spent much of his life and career in the U.S. developing his own hedge fund that has broken records across many different sectors of the financial markets. Despite the success achieved by George Soros under the capitalist system of the U.S. he has remained best known for his role as a leading donor to the Democratic Party and its candidates for President in the U.S. over the course of the 21st-century; Soros himself is not a man who feels his reputation as a major political donor is fair, in fact, the Hungarian born U.S. citizen sat out the majority of the 2008 and 2012 election cycles, according to Politico after feeling the Administration of President Barrack Obama had failed to live up to the liberal agenda that had been promised. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

The early life of George Soros saw the arrival of the hedge fund expert on the international stage of Wall Street in the middle of the 1950s when he had completed a refugee journey to escape Communist Hungary and completed his financial education in London. Even after becoming a major financial success the future of George Soros seemed to place him at the heart of the philanthropic world with a move towards a better way of living one’s life with a move towards a better way of living for the majority of people across the world who were stranded in closed societies. George Soros set out to develop a better world under the influence of the open society theory he was exposed to as a student at the London School of Economics following the completion of his refugee journey in 1947.

The Washington Times reports George Soros moved the work of his Open Society Foundations from focusing on Eastern Europe to become a major power across the world with philanthropic options open to him in portions of North American and Western Europe. Over the course of his life and career over the last two decades, George Soros has spent a major portion of the personal fortune he has worked hard for to create a better world for minority groups in the U.S.; Soros has become a major part of the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement and “Hands Up Coalition” not for profit groups financially backed by Soros have had a major hand in developing. One of the moments in recent U.S. history George Soros can be seen to have had a major impact on are the Ferguson protests largely organized by protest and community organizing groups George Soros funds to the tune of almost $33 million per year. Visit this site to know more at

White Shark Media: Selecting A Reliable PPC Management Firm


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Once you sign up for their training or campaign management, you will be walked through the entire steps of setting up and maintaining a successful advertising campaign. If you want to hire them to oversee the entire campaign or advertising project for you, they will gladly work with you to ensure your success.

It is smart to let these PPC management specialists handle your campaigns while you focus on other aspects of your business. You will save time and avoid the hassles involved in trying to generate a significant return on investment. If you want to hire a trusted PPC management agency, then check out White Shark Media right away.


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The zigzag life of Cassio Audi

People who have heard Cassio Audi’s name in Brazil these days know him as a man of finance. However, his life has leaped around showcasing his many talents. This story is one people should tell more often. Young people should earn about who Cassio Audi is and how his life changed from one success to another. It did not come quickly.


Before the change of career, Cassio Audi was one of the founding members of Viper. Viper is a band from Brazil that plays heavy metal. Their formation dates back to 1985 when the most notable influence was Iron Maiden. Later they found their own feet and developed a personal style.


Drummer and Founding Father


Cassio Audi was a founding member and the drummer. He left the band in 1989 to change his career.


He is immensely talented. If the career change weren’t in the cards, Cassio Audi would have a successful music career to his day.


The first Demo album Viper released is called The Killer Sword. Audi’s talent is unmistakeable in the record. Their first album wasn’t a big success, but the band didn’t give up. They had the talent and the work ethic. Audi played drums on the first album called Soldiers of Sunrise.


Since Audi’s leaving the album was released and remastered several times. Although he doesn’t play drums in concerts anymore, this album is a clear show of how well he knows the instrument. He has his style with the drum kit and takes his part very seriously.


Serious Attitude and Good Work Ethic


Not everybody was on board with the style the band had, but they had greater things in store. The first album was snatched up by youngsters who love rock music. Cassio was not only respected but also well liked in the band and the industry. He never did anything half-way. Either you do your job properly or don’t do it at all could be his motto. It follows him today as well.

Omar Yunes – Unaverage

Omar Yunes and is a one-of-a-kind Mexican strategist. He leads by example. He follows by nothing less. He has shown Mexico, Japan and several other countries what this is all about when he recently won Florence, Italy’s BFW Competition – or Best Franchisee in the World Competition. He placed the top spot, and this achievement he is more than proud of. In turn, he has encouraged others to do the same and has also given Mexico a high-standing reputation as a top service provider in numerous aspects.

Yunes handles investments for Sushi Itto, and he does it more than well. In addition to this recent accomplishment, he has won countless awards for “Best Franchisee in the World” each year. This competition is held in a different location annually. Omar has a true interest in the food business and has shown it time and time again; he currently operates 13 franchises for Sushi Itto – all out of Mexico. Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz are the most common locations. His career brand has successfully created more than 400 jobs for those who work in the 13 franchises.

In addition, he has been featured in several news pieces and timeline articles. He also holds a standing on Crunch Base, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat, Pinterest and even Twitter and Tumblr. 34 countries participated in the recent competition as well. These included Portugal, France, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Argentina as the top choices. Within the competition, each brand was thoroughly evaluated in its multiple aspects. Questions such as how much knowledge is a gain, what it has implemented and more were asked.

Omar Yune’s was not willing to take all the credit, for this humble leader knows far better than that. He, in fact, attributed all of his success to the collaborative team efforts of Sushi Itto and its 13 unique locations: He says that without the team coming together, none of the success would have been possible. He is an exceptional leader and will take some credit though he holds that without a team to work with, nothing can commence.