Cassio Audi – Man of Many Talents

Music, Finances, Firms, Client Relations and So Much More – Who is Devoted and Talented Man?

Cassio Audi dominates with more than 20 years of working in finance. He has amassed experience in startups, private equities, private and public companies and even global organizational acquisitions with mergers. Over the years, Audi has contributed to countless startup businesses and worked in many positions, assuming all responsibilities of a true leader in providing skills to each business in its most crucial growth stages.

One of the Best in the Game and More – Client Funds and Portfolios

Audi’s currently an investment manager in Brazil and one of the best. He thus organizes and maintains multiple funds within various client portfolios. These portfolio are managed through the help of consultants like Audi and his team, yet all final decisions are ultimately made by the clients.

Music Before Finances?

Audi was not always a top finance expert. He once was a drummer for Viper – a famous Brazilian rock band that once beat the top charts and even put Nirvana and Van Halen in second place. This man truly knows what it is to be multi-talented.

Qualifications, Skills, Degrees and More

Audi earned his extensive qualifications and experience by working within the largest national and multinational firms of his day. A few skills include management of equities, financial planning and strategic forecasting, business planning, team leadership, project management, individual leadership essentials and strategies, cross-functional endeavors, investor relations, entrepreneurship and several more.

Cassio completed a BA program from Pontifical Catholic University. He later got his MBA through Sao Paulo University. His decision to become an investment specialist stemmed from his constant dedication and willingness to help those who need help – primarily in investing into their future.

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The Partnership That Will Yield Great Results

The partnership between the government and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development is expected to bring improvements in structural, management and resource areas in Brazil, according to Edison Carlos. Mr. Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil, an organization that focuses on basic sanitation, added that public and private sectors working together would work better and bring more improvements. The government has remarkable experience while the private sector has the resources needed and advanced technology.


Felipe Montoro Jens, an expert in infrastructure projects, commented that water wastage has drained a lot of financial resources of the water sector and solving that issue will be the first step closer to receiving services performed. A close eye should be kept on the sectors that are receiving the services, thorough inspection to be done and clear goals on the contracts stated. This way, what is needed will be provided and accountability kept. Edison Carlos indicated that it is only when the need of the people is met and the mode of operation of the selected utility is in line, that a firm is said to be effective.


About Felipe

Felipe Montoro Jens apart from being a specialist in infrastructure projects is also an investor in the Brazillian real estate market. Mr. Jen’s success is contributed by his passion for understanding the market, being optimistic and a risk taker. In the real estate even when other investors are reluctant to invest, Felipe Montoro Jens foresees a brighter future and makes his investment.


Montoro’s history

Felipe Montoro Jens attended Thunderbird School of Global Management for his Master in Business Administration and Fundação Getulio Vargas and attained a Bachelor of Finance. Felipe Montoro worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in consulting and auditing department, at Terna S.p.A. in project development and structured finance and Enron in the international structured finance division. Mr. Jens has acquired thrilling experience from working with big organizations.

How Jason Hope and the Airline Industry are Embracing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is going to have a huge impact on the tech industry in the years of come and there is one man leading the charge. Jason Hope, an ASU grad who started the mobile communications company Jawa, has been proudly touting the future of the Technology for the past couple of years. Hope is a renowned futurist and a venture capitalist who has made his entire career out of being at the forefront of industry innovations. Hope, from Tempe, AZ, believes that the Internet of Things is going to revolutionize the airline industry before going on to make a dramatic change in the rest of our day to day lives.

The Internet of Things, for those not in the know, references the way that we interact with the internet by way of our daily objects and devices. Look at how the internet has changed smart technology — FitBits, athletic smart shoes, self driving cars and so on. The Internet of Things, Jason Hope admits, is currently living on the fringe of the social conscience but he believes that it will soon be at the forefront of the tech industry thanks to the airline industry’s new focus on the concept.

The airline industry is one of the largest global industries on the planet so it makes sense that they are going to be ready to embrace new and important technology. Hope believes that forward thinking airline companies will begin to really pay attention to the way that the Internet of Things can help craft a better service. There are a variety of ways that the Internet of Things can improve the general experience of people who need to go fly. Let’s dig into a few of those concepts.To start with, the Internet of Things can change the way that customers interact with their airline experience the moment they walk into a door. Hope predicts special kiosks and wireless networked devices that allow for easy check in. He also believes that the IoT will help with creature comforts, improving and streamlining the way that companies take care of their customers.

Brad Reifler Brings Wall Street Success to Main Street Investors

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler has an extensive background in the financial world. His climb up the ladder of success has culminated with his tenure at Forefront Capital. He is the founder and vision behind Forefront Capital and their unique focus on small investors. They have a mission to level the playing field on Wall Street.

Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital use a three-pronged approach in this endeavor. First, they address the high management fees that firms typically charge their clients. Many firms will realize significant profits despite potentially poor performance. Forefront has done away with management fees altogether and is only paid for their services when their clients realize a profit.

The second approach utilized by Brad Reifler and Forefront is their ability to offer access to portfolios previously restricted to accredited investors. This limited ordinary stakeholders and their opportunity to access some of the most lucrative opportunities. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The third approach is reducing stock market risk with alternative investments offered by Forefront. By emphasizing investments that aren’t correlated to the stock market, investors can enjoy reduced risk with their savings. They use both public and private investment opportunities to access specialized niches. Their ultimate goal is developing vehicles which are high yielding, risk-mitigated, and uncorrelated to the stock market.

Brad Reifler has a strong background as an entrepreneur and investor. His first notable endeavor was with Reifler Trading Company. While managing hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts, they also engaged in providing institutional research and eventually became one of the largest independent futures firms. Ultimately, they were acquired by Refco Inc., the world’s largest futures company.

Pali Capital was another founding and success by Brad Reifler. His time spent there was marked by rapid growth amid the surge in hedge fund activity. Their focus was strictly equity markets and they were a sell side broker-dealer. They developed into a global endeavor with offices on four continents and over 300 employees.

Forefront Capital is the end result of his vast experience in a wide range of financial and investing activities. Forefront has a strong pool of relationships which provide which unique investment opportunities for Main Street investors.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: New Technology to Help Patients and Doctors

Cancer Treatment Centers of America consists of 5 national hospitals, and it is based out of Boca Raton in Florida. There are locations in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Georgia. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotheraphy, however, these all come with severe side effects. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer new therapies to help manage these side effects which can include nausea, fatigue, depression, and malnutrition, to name a few.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is fully accredited from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. They also have scored well in patient satisfaction and have been awarded the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and the Magnet Award.
The hospital recently teamed up with Allscripts and NantHealth and is implementing a solution for both doctors and patients to get real time data and information regarding cancer treatment options. The operating system is called NantOS and was developed with the input of of hundreds of oncologists. Because the system operates in real time, it is always up to date with the latest research and data, meaning it takes the guesswork out of the equation for the doctors who are devising a treatment plan and may be constantly inundated with new data.
The system develops a plan specific to each patient and is then able to show each patient the market cost, as well as supporting clinical data, comparisons between treatment options, lists possible side effects, and provides them with access to up to date guidelines on each treatment.
This system seeks to improve the patients’ quality of care, as well as offering transparency in treatment options to the patient. NantOS will make cancer treatment options more efficient and understandable for the patient while minimizing risk due to influx of information.

Andrew Rolfe Assist in South Africa

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu education fund which is a non-profit community health, social welfare and education organization. He has proudly worked with the Ubuntu Education Fund for over 10 years and shows no signs of leaving. His passion and determination helps him in continuing to work to grow the foundation and continues to assist children and their families. Rolfe helps to support Ubuntu’s mission to assist in raising Port Elizabeth’s orphan’s and vulnerable children by giving them everything children deserve. After the Ubuntu foundation was created they figured out that just because a child in Africa is given a notebook, pen and paper, doesn’t mean they are going to be able to focus on school. The foundation discovered that most children were distracted by what is going on at home, hunger or HIV/AIDS. Andrew Rolfe oversees the model put in place by the Ubuntu Foundation to help increase the success of the children in life. The foundation primarily works in South Africa and has become one of the faces of the community. Rolfe helps the foundation provide households with stability, health and education services and services around 400,000 people in South Africa. The Ubuntu foundation resides in the towns of Zwide and Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Before becoming the chairman of the Ubuntu Foundation, Andrew Rolfe spent a lot of his time in the business world. He worked with a lot of big time companies like GAP, TowerBrook, and others. He is also a chairman of the Portfolio Committee and a member of the Management Committee. He has developed skills along the way that have assisted him in becoming the man he is. Rolfe is known for his knowledge of private equity, investments and business strategy and planning. He also has knowledge in the financial industry like corporate finance, leveraged finance and financial modeling. Before entering the work force, Andrew Rolfe attended multiple colleges like Eton College and Saint Andrews College but ultimately graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor’s of Arts in 1988. In 1992, Rolfe graduated with his MBA from Harvard Business School in Managerial Economics.


By Being Passionate About Lifting Other People, Logan Stout Has Marked Tremendous Success

Logan Stout portrayed a love for sports in his early years. Logan attended J.J Pearce High school where he participated in baseball and basketball games. His skills were so good that he earned the Most Valuable Player title severally. He also served on the school’s Student Athletic Council. Logan continued with his passion for baseball after high school. He earned numerous accolades for participating in college baseball at Panola where he was studying a course in business. Stout also attended the renowned University of Dallas where he attained a degree in psychology. Besides playing baseball, he served as a coach and a youth minister. After completing college, Logan joined the Fort Worth Cats where he continued playing baseball.

Investing In Others

As a successful baseball player, Logan Stout is passionate about passing the skills to others. He often mentors young players, encouraging them to improve and grow their confidence. He started a baseball organization, Dallas Patriots, to achieve more with baseball enthusiasts. His main aim was to enable them to gain training to reach their highest potential in baseball. Besides his success in baseball, Logan Stout is also a thriving entrepreneur. His passion for helping others led him to build ID Life, an organization that helps people achieve ultimate health. Stout believes that good health is a recipe for overall success. He has also authored a book that documents his experiences as a baseball player, coach, and entrepreneur. The book titled Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams expounds on his winning strategies. His aim is to encourage others to create winning strategies in all areas of life. He has also addressed many audiences where he has delivered motivational speeches. His work has been displayed and broadcasted by numerous media houses.

About ID Life

ID Life is a venture in health and wellness. The organization offers health guidelines that are unique to individual needs. Through a personalized assessment, the qualified personnel at ID Life gives guidance on the best products to use. ID Life has seen many lives make positive changes.

ID Life has been on the forefront providing well-researched healthcare products. The catalog includes energy supplements, weight management pills, sleep strips, and vitamin supplements among others.

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Lime Crime Has Hi-Lites You Need To Add To Your Makeup Regimen

Lime Crime is changing the makeup industry by allowing unicorns to be as they imagine. With bright and attractive semi-permanent hair colors, iridescent hi-lites, flashy and neutral lip colors and pop on nails, you can look exactly as you feel inside.


They currently have two Hi-Lite options and a third one is on the way and will be available soon. Their first Hi-Lite option is called “Opals” because they are literally a variety of opal inspired colors. The great thing about their products is they provide photos of what it will look like on a variety of skin tones. I notice on darker skin tones the iridescence of the hi-lites are much more pronounced than on the lighter skin. But none the less, it’s absolutely beautiful on all skin tones. There is no wrong in wearing this Hi-Lite set. They seem to glow once they hit the skin. There are three opal colors available in this set which are pink, gold and peach.


In their second Hi-Lite set called “Blossom” the colors are said to have been inspired by flowers. The colors included are warm gold, lavender and sunset. They are iridescent and shiny. They look absolutely lovely on varying skin shades. The colors remind me of the bright flowers that bloom in the summer and the gold and deep oranges that shine when the sun is setting.


Coming out soon is a Hi-Lite shade called Mermaid! They’re all mermaid and ocean inspired colors that are also fabulous on different shades of skin. The colors included in this set are lavender, ivory, and sea foam blue-green. Right on their website is a link to be notified when it gets released, so you can enjoy these fairy-tale colors.


Another reason to enjoy this brand of makeup is the fact that they are certified vegan and animal cruelty free. All of their makeup has been made for humans and humans only, so no animals were harmed in the creation of Lime Crime. Doe Deere is the founder and has created this revolutionary line of makeup, to help people like you and me, express ourselves in ways makeup never let us in the past.

About Jim Tananbaum, the Founder & CEO of Foresite Capital

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Jim Tananbaum is founder and CEO of Foresite Capital that was launched in 2011. The private equity company is dedicated to supporting healthcare-oriented innovations to become profitable and successful by providing them with capital, networks, and relevant information. Although the company received its first institutional capital in 2013, it has been capable of sponsoring various healthcare innovations in sequencing, synthetic biology, and pharmaceuticals such as Aeri, Alder, Aimmune, 10X, Sequenta, Muse Bio, Intellia, Editas, and MindStrong.

Jim Tananbaum earned his M.D and M.B.A from Harvard and M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also studied math, electrical engineering, and computer science major at Yale. He has been passionate about interdisciplinary sciences for the better part of his life. He also ranked as being among the top 100 investors on Forbes Midas List.

According to Biz Journals, foresite’s most notable deal is Intarcia Therapeutics, which is a major investment in helping diabetes patients control the disease and lose weight. Jim likens the Intarcia type II diabetes implants’ impact to the transformation that the IUD brought to birth control. The product is one of the most recent investments that is expected to launch in the U.S. at the end of 2017. Jim co-founded two other companies namely GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, Inc., before he founded Foresite Capital. In his portfolio, he was also part of the team that founded Prospect Venture Partners II and III, and Sierra Ventures. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

The idea behind Forestite Capital was based on amalgamating all aspects of healthcare in a bid to create a novel investment platform. Over the years, he has interacted and made long-term relationships with various leading academicians such as George Whitesides, Rick Klausner, Roy Vagelos, and Rick Levin, among others. Jim believes that the world is going through a period of great change and academicians from different specialities should combine forces in developing insights that will boost the learning and growth of science.



Avaaz: A Force for Change

Avaaz is not an ordinary civic activist group. This is quite clear by its advertised claim of over 44 million individual members. Clearly, Avaaz did not simply appear out of thin air. The organization was developed by the two groups Res Publica and as a progressive non-governmental organization. Just some of the main individuals who led the two aforementioned organizations to create this formation were Ricken Patel, former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello, and MoveOn executive Eli Pariser. Unlike many organizations of its kind, Avaaz does not receive funding from corporations or individuals who wish to donate over $5,000. This means that the organization relies on the support of its members to survive.

Avaaz tends to support causes that are generally deemed progressive like climate change and environmentalism. For example, Avaaz’s website claims that Christiana Figueres credits Avaaz with mobilizing support for the Paris Climate Accord. Much of the public actions that Avaaz takes is through online petitions. In fact, the organization claims that causes like ocean conservation and net-neutrality were directly helped by Avaaz’s petitions that sometimes include millions of digital signatures. Support for the organization’s various petitions has only been helped by the Community Petitions section of their website that allows any member of the organization to create their own petition.

It is very clear that Avaaz has made an enormous impact on the world through its activism. In a strife-filled world that is full of division like ours, civil organizations like Avaaz are necessary to move society to a state that is better for both our planet and those who reside on it. If you would like to support Avaaz’s work, visit their donation page and make a contribution.