A Summary of Dick DeVos Life

Executive Career

Dick DeVos was born in 1955 as Richard Marvin DeVos. Richard DeVos is his father and is one of the richest people in the world with an estimated fortune of over 4billion dollars. He is married to Betsy DeVos.


Dick DeVos has spent many years working in different executive positions. He joined his father’s Amway Corporation in 1974 and rose to become one of its vice presidents in 1984. In this post, Amway Corporation explored new markets that led to the foreign sales exceeding the domestic sales something that had not happened before. The annual international sales increased from 5% in 1986 to 50% by the time he left the company in 1991.


DeVos rose to become the President and CEO of the Orlando Magic after his family bought the basketball franchise in 1991. However, he left the club in 1993 to rejoin Amway Corporation.


He succeeded his father to become the company’s president. He further expanded this business to 50 countries in different continents. In his last year as the President, Amway sales hit $4.5 billion. One of the most significant changes that took place during his presidency was restructuring of the Amway Corporation leading to the creation of Alticor. Job cuts marked the restructuring. DeVos served as the President of the company from 1993 to 2002 when he retired.


His managerial career didn’t end there. He joined The Windquest Group as its president in 2002. The group is an investment management company. The company has invested in technology and manufacturing sectors among others.


Political Life and Other Activities


DeVos has participated in some community initiatives. His initiative, the Education Freedom Fund gives scholarships to many needy students in Michigan. In 1990, he was elected to Michigan’s State Board of Education. In 2000, a joined an unsuccessful campaign to change the Michigan constitution to grant tax credits to voucher and tuition.


DeVos has participated in several Grand Rapids’ health care improvement programs, convention center, and heart hospital among others, as the chair/co-chair. These programs have been aimed at improving the community’s living conditions.


In 2006, he became the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Michigan State. Despite spending a significant amount of his money in the race, he lost to the Democrats candidate and incumbent governor Jennifer Granholm.


Other Achievements


DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University. He has been declared the National Champions sailor twice. He is also certified pilot of jet aircraft and helicopter. Dick is the writer of the “Rediscovering American Values,” which is the New York Times best-selling book. The book was published in 1997 and is offered in seven languages.


The progressive essence of Thor Halvorssen

Halvorssen is a community asset; he speaks at length of human rights in various lectures as president and founder of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, pushes for positive community change through his political activism through social media, and perhaps most socially permeating of all, is an active producer of film that largely has striking social commentary.

It can be seen that Thor Halvorssen is someone who values people and their rights. The Human Rights foundation he founded has consistently fought for the rights of people to have self-determination and expression, be they from China, Latin America or anywhere else. Halvorssen has personally pushed for the release of political prisoners from various countries, as well as fought against the political ideologies that allow for these abuses to happen, from wherever they fall along the political spectrum.

Following this trend of celebration of human rights, and a relentless assault on those who would abuse them, Halvorssen is an active producer of various films that comment on the dangers that arise when society allows for tyrants of all shapes to gain power. From the documenting of suffering of migrant farm workers under the sugar barons, to future dystopian governments, Halvorssen has produced many a film with piercing commentary on the way people suffer under tyranny.

Halvorssen says it best himself: “Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression is indispensable to a free and, in the deepest sense, progressive society. Deny it to one, and you deny it effectively to all.” In this sense, it seems prudent to describe Halvorssen as a champion of human rights, and in that, a progressive in the truest form.

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Wengie’s Nighttime Routine

Wengie talks through her night routine. As she says, she doesn’t do this routine every night, because nobody has time for all that!

Once she’s comfortable, she works, edits, or answers e-mails that have piled up. She states that she uses scents like lemon, rosemary, and mint to help bolster her concentration and memory. Recommended ways to deliver that smell are through scent sticks, tea, or candles. Snacktime comes next, and Wengie suggest putting healthy snacks like vegetables, hummus, and pita chips in muffin cups to control portions. Some relaxing time with Netflix accompanies the snack. Wengie suggests checking out the documentary and foreign sections to find educational shows and shows that present different cultures.

Next, Wengie uses a cleansing brush to remove makeup because it cleans, removes makeup, and exfoliates all at once, eliminating some steps.  She recommends honey as an easy DIY mask, as it is antibacterial, soothing, and budget friendly. A few recipes are included for specific skin issues. A simple hack she uses to keep the honey from sticking to the spoon is to first dip the spoon in coconut oil, then scoop up the honey. Leave the honey on for 30 minutes. While you wait, write down 3 things you’re thankful for and 3 reflections or things you’ve learned about yourself to increase happiness and learn more about yourself.

After the masque is removed, Wengie uses a toner, SK II essence, and an oil to moisturize and massage her face. She suggests replacing blue toned lights with yellow tones or candles before bed to send your body signals that it’s bedtime. She also suggests avoiding your phone before bed for the same reason. Finally, read a book and put a few drops of lavender near your pillow for a more relaxing sleep.

Don Ressler Drives JustFab to Higher Levels of Success

Many people that begin their business always dream having a larger corporation operating on a global scale. However, many people often struggle with operating small businesses. Growing a business from a small startup to a mega company is not a small feat. Don Ressler of JustFab fashion clothing understands this. He has been able to grow JustFab in three years to become worth $1 billion. His strategy to success has been expanding his business to the global scale. He has undergone several challenges but has always come out successful.

Don Ressler worked with his partner Adam Goldenberg to create a business that goes beyond the United States. At the start, the two had different companies. Don Ressler operated FitnessHeaven.com while Adam Goldenberg assisted in the media running of Intermix Media. The two became partners when Don Ressler decided to sell his business to Intermix Media. The two met and had since become successful business partners. They started with a business under Intermix Media known as Alena. Alena grew quickly to become a million dollar business. However, Intermix Media acquired new owners that never paid keen attention to Alena. The company stopped making huge profits on Pando. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to go out and start their own business. They started with Intelligent Beauty and later formed JustFab.

JustFab has grown to become a modern shopping destination for shopping enthusiasts. Don Ressler assisted in the creation of a subscription retail model of business on LinkedIn. One can become a VIP member and receive attractive perks and amazing deals. The concept by the company is based on personalized shopping. A member indicates their fashion tastes and the firm makes the most relevant suggestions. JustFab has everything for everyone. You can find on the fashion line clothing items such as denim, shoes, and handbags. You can find fashionable accessories like jewelry that are highly trendy.

Even though several aspects go into fashion, one of the important aspects is a big picture. Don Ressler understands this and is always trying to be creative with the clothing items on Brandettes. JustFab has become highly successful because it focuses on creativity and innovation with their clothing items. The clothing item has created a personal shopping experience. Customers can easily find what they want to purchase. JustFab is a highly unique fashion retailer. The company focuses on customer needs and ensures that they are satisfied entirely. The firm has sought to provide all-inclusive products at http://ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com/nav/tags/donressler/0. Anyone of any body type, size and shape can find fashionable wear at JustFab.