Adam Milstein and The Importance of Jewish Roots

Adam Milstein is becoming an important figure in Israeli-American relations, and is a staunch defender of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies. In fact, Milstein and Netanyahu both were featured on the Jerusalem Post’s “Top 50 Most Influential Jews” list for 2016 with Netanyahu listed at number 2 and Milstein at number 39. Milstein has spent most of his career in the real estate profession, but more recently he’s spent much of his time working with the Milstein Foundation. He’s been actively involved with influential Israeli groups such as Stand With Us, Israeli-American Council (IAC), American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and various Hillel non-profits.

Adam Milstein is a dual citizen of Israel and the US and even a former soldier. His parents moved to Israel back when the modern nation became recognized by the US as having the right to exist in 1948. Young Adam traveled around the country as a young boy because his father was a building framer who relocated often. Adam Milstein joined the Israeli army when the time came for him to do mandatory military service, and he joined then Commander Ariel Sharon’s division that invaded Sinai during the Yom Kippur War. Adam returned home when his service time expired, and married Gila Elgrably not long after.

Adam Milstein first went to college at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, and upon graduating from there spent several years working alongside his father in construction. He later moved to the US where he completed his MBA and entered real estate management. He is currently a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties in Los Angeles. He started the Milstein Foundation in the year 2000 in an effort to promote Israel’s rights and strengthen relations with the US, but also to support Jewish non-profits through active philanthropy, path life impact, and philanthropic synergy. Those three aspects mean that Milstein and his family are actively involved with every group the foundation supports, they reach out to various age groups in their audience to educate them, and form unity with other Jewish philanthropy leaders in the US and around the globe.

Keith Mann Gives Hope To Graduating High School Seniors

For children, hope is a vital part of growing up. Hope keeps children going when their surroundings do not look promising. Hope makes a bad situation appear that it might get better. Hope is powerful and children need hope. One of the things that keep the eyes of children bright is education. The hope of getting an education can make children feel that their situation may change one day. No matter what the current situation maybe, education can make a difference one day.


A big part of education is the hope of going to college one day. Many children have the hope of going to college and earning a degree. This is hope that can turn an entire family around. It is the hope of an education that makes it possible for many graduating high school seniors to make it through high school. It is that same hope that gives many graduating high school seniors the hope that they will be able to go to college and be able to pay for their college education.


One of the things that makes it possible for many graduating high school seniors to be able to attend college and pay for college is scholarships. The use of scholarships is one of the main reasons why children without money or access to people with money can still have hope that one day they can attend college. There are many scholarships that are available for students who want to go to college.


One way that scholarships become available is through the establishment of scholarships by people or businesses. Recently Keith Mann, the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, established a scholarship for graduating high school seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship was established to provide hope and a way for graduating seniors to help pay for their college expenses.


Keith Mann is the leader of Dynamic Search Partners. The firm he leads is an executive search firm that helps companies find executives to fill positions in the companies. Keith Mann has over a decade of experience in the executive search industry. He provides a blend of skills that enables him to push Dynamic Search Partners to new heights in a competitive industry.


Giving students hope for an education is important to Keith Mann. This is one of the reasons why he provides scholarships to deserving high school graduates. Words are nice. Words can provide encouragement, but students need financial help to be able to attend college. Keith Mann is providing some of the financial assistance through scholarships that he provides.

Equities First Holdings Earns Reputation Due to its Alternative Financial Solutions

As a leader in stock-based lending services, Equities First Holdings boasts a large client base due to its fast lending process. The company targets wealthy individuals and business owners who require immediate funding solutions. EFH has been in operation for the last 14 years and has successfully issued more than 600 loans. The company has nine global offices that foster its lending services.


EFH’s lending services are provided on a deal-by-deal policy. The company focuses on offering funds to its clients during their time of need. EFH also adopts a five-step lending process that is secure and efficient.

The Lending Process of EFH

If you are in need of a stock-based loan, you should contact the company’s customer care team. When contacting them, you should provide details regarding your loan collateral and amount. Once EFH’s lending team reviews whether you qualify for a loan, they will calculate the interest rates and draft the terms of the lending agreement. If you agree to the terms provided, you should sign the agreement and transfer document, and then hand over your collateral. EFH will immediately transfer the funds to your account. The agreed interest rates only apply during the lending period. If this period is exceeded, you will be charged extra cash depending on the period you take to repay the loan. EFH only returns collateral to clients who have completed paying their loans.

Why EFH outperforms other lenders

Equities First Holdings guarantees the security of the loans it provides. The company also adheres to industry standards during the lending process. EFH offers interest rates as low as three percent on loans. The company can only retrieve the money a client has borrowed based on the collateral pledge. This pledge also allows customers to use stock market shares as collateral when seeking funds for their personal and professional projects. As a consumer, you are entitled to retaining all dividends.

This means that once you pay the loan fully, you receive the pledged collateral. Equities First Holdings has earned a reputation for its high loan-to-value ratios. Once you seek funds from EFH, you are entitled to a 75 percent loan-to-value ratio.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics’ goes beyond the typical shopping experience

Kate Hudson’s line of clothing sold by Fabletics was created to go beyond the gym. Through Fabletics, she sells dresses, accessories, swimwear and so much activewear clothing than you could imagine. All the clothing sold by the company come at the best prices with the best designs. What differentiates Fabletics with its competitors is that the firm brings in tons of features to assist you match up your activewear fashion with your exact style and your personal tastes.


You may have to clarify your gender, your preferable workout times, your location, color scheme preferences and even your body type. All these details are geared to help the company propose the best fashionable clothing for you. You will easily get fashion clothing that fit your personal preference and clothing sizes. You can even get personalized clothing that should show off the parts of the body you love to display.


Apart from the exclusive personal shopping experience, the best thing about Fabletics has been in its monthly membership.  The company has an array of team of designers in every site that create a versatility in their clothing. The company has a fantastic customer service and customer experience that is second to none. When you first sign up with the company, you get your first 2-piece outfit at a discounted price of $25. Apart from that, Fabletics will offer up to 50 percent off the regular price for its VIP members. You are not necessarily tied down to its monthly bill. If you decide to skip a month without payment or want to purchase another outfit, you can comfortably skip payment for that month.


Customers of Fabletics can see the latest collections and exclusive styles for performance in the Fabletics stores. The brick and mortar stores gives shoppers an elevated experience with a variety of amenities such as free shipping, free points, and in-store fitting appointments. You have the option to purchase online and pick up at the store or conduct a virtual shopping cart. The shopping cart enables its customers complete their shopping experience after an online visit. Customers not satisfied with the range of products sold by the company can freely return their purchased products at the retail stores.

Texas Teams Really Made Thanksgiving NCAAF Betting Interesting

The teams in the state of Texas have very strong rivalries with those from other states. How many Texas colleges and universities have long-standing rivalries with Oklahoma State? The number may be too high to even count. Do not automatically assume Texas’ NCAAF rivalries are limited to “Lone Star State vs. the World” scenarios. There are scores of intra-state rivalries that are just as strong and just as serious.

On Friday November 25th, 2016, in the shadow of the Thanksgiving holiday, two Texas teams ended up facing off with one another in a game that was expertly previewed by the editorial team at

What made the event so anticipated was the fact both teams were coming into the event with a .500 or so record. Who would edge past the 50/50 win mark and who would drop down? When the dust settled, the TCU Horned Frogs came out on top with an impressive — highly impressive — 31 – 9 win over the Longhorns.

As the article points out, the point spread on the game depicted Texas as the favorite. Oddsmakers had Texas at -2.5 while the public upped the team to a -3 favorite. As the end result of the game shows, the marginal point spread of these particular NCAAF odds meant nothing as the underdog won with a massive blowout.

A major lesson has to be learned here. Sometimes, an underdog can rise above all NCAAF odds and all expectations and pull out a big win. No one should assume the oddsmakers or the public were “wrong”. The games are not predetermined and both sides are playing to win. Based on statistics and other indicators, Texas looked like it was going to be the team to beat. Turns out Texas was the team that got beat due to the amazing performance by the TCU Horned Frogs. might be the very best source for college football odds. Anyone looking for great college football odds probably will consider a fantastic source. The exceptional articles on the site reveal positively do go into great detail about odds and the various factors that contribute to coming up with the lines.

The article does ask questions about the future of Texas coach Charlie Strong. A lot of pressure has been placed on Strong to perform and deliver Texas with a winning season. Likely, this factored into the team being labeled a favorite for the game.

Don Ressler’s Genius Ideas

Don Ressler could be considered a business genius. He has come up with the idea for many different businesses that have actually been great successes. This has given him the chance to make even more businesses and has allowed him the options that he needs to make even more options for his customers. The majority of his businesses are in the field of subscription services and this is something that he has seen a lot of success in during the time that they have been in business and the way that he has done different things for the business to be able to thrive.

Starting with Intermix, Don Ressler knew that the subscription service was something that he was going to be a fan of. He had a lot of success with that and people seemed to love it while they were doing different things. Not only do subscription services provide the convenience that people crave but they also allow people to feel like they are having something customized specifically for them. People love to feel like they are something special and that something was designed just for them with their needs and their tastes in mind while it was being designed.

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The way that Intermix worked allowed Don to feel like he needed to do something more. Don Ressler wanted to show people that he could do even more and this gave him the chance to do Fabletics. The company was born out of necessity and was something that he truly felt strong about. He wanted to make sure that he could do more with the business and this gave him a chance to make things better with what he had to offer.

He then came up with the idea for other companies. JustFab is another business that Ressler came up with. JustFab was created so that people could get the shoes that they needed and so that they would be able to do more with what they had. There were many ways in which JustFab outperformed all of the other companies and it has continued to be one of the biggest subscription services available on the Internet.

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