Kamil Idris: Promoting the World Intellectual Property Day

Kamil Idris is one of the proponents of the celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day. This event has been growing in popularity these past few days, and more people are joining the celebration. The event was launched by Kamil Idris eight years back, and the organization managed to get the support of many governments. The annual celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day, celebrated by the ex-director general’s Facebook page, is dated on April 26 of every year, and Kamil Idris is inviting everyone to join the event. Intellectual property is defined as any work that has an original owner which has patented or copyrighted his or her creation. Copyright infringement is one of the most serious problems faced by creators today, and Kamil Idris would like to stop the culture of piracy, especially among the internet users where the practices are prevalent.

For those who create intellectual properties, they are stating that piracy hits them hard, and it is tough to run after the pirates because they came from different countries. They need the assistance from the international police to solve each case with regards to copyright infringement. Kamil Idris is urging the countries around the world to work together and protect the intellectual properties of their citizens because, in the end, it is them who would end up benefiting from the works of their people. However, what Kamil Idris is dreaming of is far from what is happening in real life.

Many governments around the world are lax when it comes to laws about piracy. Some governments have made laws against piracy, but they do not uphold the law, resulting in the thriving businesses involving illegal copies of intellectual properties. Kamil Idris is appealing to all governments around the world to do their best in curbing the illegal industry of piracy. Another angle that Kamil Idris is looking at would be the advancement of technology used for communicating. He stated that it played a major role in the piracy of intellectual properties that are being shared online. He appealed to those who are doing these illegal activities to stop because they are not helping the global entertainment industry.

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WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights

NGP VAN Streamlines Political Canvassing with NGP MiniVAN

Recent Research on Canvassing

With tons of paper, hours of data entry ahead and the requirement of accountability, a political campaign manager traditionally looked at canvassing as a labor-intensive part of campaigning for their political candidate; furthermore, it sets a wrong tone at the beginning of the campaign trail. In short, with campaign dollars being squeezed on every activity needing funding it is not a surprise that canvassing may even be cut back and those additional voters may never have the chance to hear about another political candidate for their vote. The Good News is NGP VAN, the leader in providing technology for political campaigns, from President Obama to thousands of others seeking to promote their cause. NGP VAN has had twenty years of success in all 50 states.

Traditionally, Canvassing has shown good results and has a long history in political campaign activities leading up to elections. Canvassing used to be associated with non-profit efforts and goes back to the early 1970s, but since the 1990s has been more aggressively used for political agendas.

Two professors from UC Berkely and Stanford, David Broockman and Joshua Kalla, have shown in their studies and polls that canvassing only results in about 1 in every 800 persons being likely to change to another party. These results by David Broockman and Joshua Kalla also found that these results were based on potential voters being approached within two months before an election. Though it seems to be a lot of work for a small effect the good news is the method of canvassing has dramatically changed.

Canvassing with NGP VAN MiniVAN

NGP VAN has recently made the MiniVAN app available for free from their website, which allows canvassers, either on staff on volunteers, to create a unique ID associated with their campaign. Once a canvasser is registered with NGP VAN they can access a pre-scripted list of voters or one they upload to the NGP VAN server. NGP VAN makes canvassing more accountable since data received is immediately updated on the NGP VAN website and made accessible to the associated campaign coordinators. NGP VAN offers their NGP MiniVAN for free and is available for Android and IOS devices.

Find NGP VAN on Glassdoor reviews.

Jorge Moll Explains the Internal and Amazing Science of Giving

Jorge Moll is a Neuroscience from Brazil who believes in helping people who suffer from negativity in life. He’s background in Brazil is one of factors considered to have played a big role in his pursuit towards studying the brain functions.


Jorge Moll’s Brain Experiment

Jorge Moll, the famous neuroscientist, is known for his myriad of medical studies that focuses on the mind. In the recent past, he has focused on nearly all topics that concern the neural spectrum and assessing the emotions behind the response of the mind. Jorge Moll’s interesting research was on the science of giving.

Jorge Moll was compelled to check out the responses the brain gave when someone made another happy through giving. (Jorgemoll) results were incredible, and he explained that giving does more good in your own brain than on the person you give.

“You get a chance to experience something new, something phenomenon,” Dr. Moll stated.


The Experiment He Conducted

Dr. Moll came up with an experiment where he urged his patients, tied on a seat with their brains hooked to different machines, to think about the act of giving.

Jorge Moll was surprised by the results. The brains of the patients became active when they began to think about giving and stop immediately when they had some selfish thoughts.

Luckily, the results were recorded in some devices and studied by Dr. Moll. As Dr. Moll analyzed the data, he found out that there is a special part of the brain that would always open up when the patients thought about giving. In addition, that part would always release hormones once opened. The hormones released during that time were the same ones produced when someone ate some delicious food. Jorge Moll concluded that the hormone released is the same hormone that is known to cause a warm feeling.

After the research and study, Dr. Moll came up with a conclusive report where he discussed about the evolution of the brain architecture. He emphasized on the fact that humans formulate things based on their idea on altruism. In fact, he’s argument was that the neural pathways were connected to the moral belief of the individual.

Jorge Moll’s results gave other research in-depth knowledge of how the brain functions. His work continues to play a crucial role in the ever-changing world of neurobiology.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Career and Visions

Dr. Mark McKenna is one who is passionate about serving the community and his patients. Dr. Mckenna was born in New Orleans and attended Tulane University where he received his bachelors in medicine. He is certified by the state board of medical examiners of Georgia and Florida. Dr. Mark Mckenna is also licensed in medicine and surgery. On the completion of his studies in medical school, he started practicing with his father at the same time he launched a real estate firm called McKenna Venture Investment. In the years that followed he acquired Uptown Title Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending. These firms that he purchased grew exponentially and had well over 50 employees. The companies were involved in operations concerning services for designing, building, financing and real estate. In 2005 Dr. McKenna lost most of his business interests due to Hurricane Katarina that wiped New Orleans. After the storm, he actively participated in redeveloping houses that targeted the low-moderate income class. After relocating to Atlanta in 2007, he launched ShapeMed which was a medical based aesthetic and wellness firm. He later sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc, and Dr. Mark McKenna was appointed the National Medical Director for Life Time Fitness Inc until the year 2016. In the year 2017, he founded OVME where he is the CEO, and the firm focuses on reinventing elective healthcare. The idea of OVME came about after his long-term experience working in the industry of medical aesthetics. Dr. Mark McKenna splits his time between work and his personal life. He is married and has two children a daughter Milana Elle and a son Pomeranian, Ryder. He begins his day at 6:30 am and has breakfast with his daughter then heads for work. He finishes his work at around 6 pm and joins his family for dinner. After dinner, Dr. Mark McKenna heads for Jiu-Jitsu training which ends at about 9 pm and gets back to the house where he works till he falls asleep. Dr. McKenna has the habit of meditating at least once in a day. He likes reading and recommends one to read the book Think, Growing rich written by Napoleon. Dr. McKenna is a firm believer in setting goals and visualizing them as a step to realizing ones’ goals. He advises the young generation to surround themselves with smart people and also follow their passion. Elon Musk, Barrack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg are among the few people admired by Dr. McKenna. He is really excited that there is a decline in smoking in America.


Glen Wakeman’s Work to Build the Startups of the Future

Glen Wakeman University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, graduating with a B.S. in Economics and Finance in 1981. He then attended the University of Chicago where he earned his M.B.A. in 1991. After this extensive education, he joined the General Electric team and was with them for the next 20 years. During this time he lived in South America, Asia, and Europe. It was also during this time that Wakeman help a number of different positions with the company: regional management, country management, general management, business development, technology, and operations.

Wakeman’s biggest break came while GE put him in London, England. It was there that he was made General Director of GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures. This was followed him being promoted to CEO of GE Money Latin America. This was by far his most successful position. He helped this branch of GE attain assets of around $12 billion dollars, an annual revenue of $100 million, and an enormous staff of 17,000 employees. He also helped lead the company to open over 1,000 new branches.

Then he co-founded LaunchPad Holdings. He started it after developing a strong desire to help other people succeed in their own business ventures (Ideamensch). LaunchPad delivers software to new entrepreneurs to help them formulate a plan based on their ideas. LaunchPad’s plan development software what are known as “Elements.” There are five different “Elements” that their clients will go that. Through LaunchPad, Wakeman also helps them through leadership training. Glen Wakemans specifically designed this material to answer every conceivable question that might arise. His number one emphasis in leadership training is self-confidence. He says that if they want to succeed they absolutely must have this. In addition, he puts heavy emphasis on a leader learning from his or her mistakes. Wakeman’s work with these entrepreneurs is very hands on. He will even come to their facilities and give them personal business counseling.


Securus Technologies: Focusing on What Matters Most

Wireless Containment Systems are a new technology that’s been introduced by Securus Technologies of Carrollton, Texas. The company has introduced the development as a way to combat the ever-growing problem of illegal cellular device communications from correctional facilities. The problem has been identified by many correctional facility employees and management as one of the top safety and security concerns in modern times. The problems that these devices cause are countless. Not only have violent crimes been attributed to the contraband, an infant has even lost its life as a result of such acts. Securus Technologies has been working diligently to bring the technology to the forefront along with it’s newly acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet. The strength of these technologically savvy companies adds to the three decades of experience under Securus Technologies’ belt.


Retired correctional facility employee Officer Robert Johnson has attested to the true dangers of contraband cellular devices in facilities. His position required him to confiscate contraband of all types in the prison where he worked. Upon the seizure of a highly valued package, Robert Johnson was made the target of violence. Through communications made via an undetected contraband device, he was able to be located at his residence. He was shot six times by a former inmate, who carried out the orders of the affected prison gang. While Robert Johnson lived, he faces the pain resulting from the incident on a daily basis. He was, however, able to protect his wife from any harm. In another incident, an infant was killed after getting caught up in a retaliation crime. Robert Johnson has since made it his life’s mission to prevent these acts of violence and other crimes from happening in the future.


The Wireless Containment Systems have provided promising results in their testing phase. Over a million attempted communications have been thwarted. Working as a cellular tower, the technology prevents calls made from within its self-contained network from connecting. The FCC initially questioned the legality of the technology, however; Securus Technologies has been able to ensure the project is within their guidelines and does not interfere with other networks. As Securus Technologies has been in the telecommunications business for their entire history, the company is a great choice for the development of this innovative technology.


Securus Technologies has also been making great news in its customer service efforts. The company has reported an over 95 percent satisfaction rating. They’ve also been able to resolve nearly all concerns in just a single call to customer service. With recent BBB accreditation, Securus Technologies has been given an “A+” rating by the bureau. While the company certainly has been focusing on technology in recent years, it’s been able to remain focused on its valued customers as well.


Sussex Healthcare: An Industry Leader In Senior Care

Sussex Healthcare provides seniors with an opportunity to thrive at the end of their lives. They know people are still people no matter what happens to them. Because they work so hard to give others what they’re looking for, Sussex Healthcare tries to give attention to the issues people might face. They also do their best to make things easier on those who are in the facilities.

Families choose Sussex Healthcare for the senior living home because of their experience and their dedication to seniors. They know what it takes to give attention where they need it and they know how important it is to allow people the chance to try things on their own.

As long as Sussex Healthcare continues helping people with options they need, the company will keep thriving. They know how important it is to give back in the community and to give seniors the help they deserve. Without them working toward things on their own, Sussex Healthcare wouldn’t be able to give attention to the issues in the industry. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of helping seniors isn’t to profit. They don’t want to make money from people who can’t take care of themselves. Instead, they want seniors to see how they can have a better life no matter what they’re doing.

Even though Sussex Healthcare is a huge company, the most impactful thing they’ve done is offer the senior living center. The center makes it easier for seniors to live the best way possible. It also makes things easier so they don’t have to worry about the problems that come their way. If they don’t do things the right way, they won’t have a positive time in the industry. No matter what, Sussex Healthcare can give people the help they need.

Sussex Healthcare is innovative in their care. They don’t just try to sustain seniors. Instead, they want them to thrive. The company sees seniors are something that is valuable instead of just something to take care of. They offer them things like a gym that’s adaptive and entertainment that does more than just keep them busy. They interact with them and do everything they can to make their lives enjoyable. Seniors can get more from Sussex Healthcare than they can from any other company. No other company has the resources Sussex Healthcare does to help seniors live a life that feels good no matter what.

See: http://releasefact.com/2017/10/sussex-healthcare-excels-in-meeting-complex-challenges/

Stream Energy Cares for the Community

In Dallas the direct energy company Stream Energy is changing the face of philanthropy and giving customers and employees something to stand behind. Through their direct sales of energy and mobile phone plans this company is using their sales in the corporate and residential areas to make a big difference.

Associates working for Stream Energy work for themselves and with their sales on the wide array of products offered they are able to make a generous commission. Stream Energy then allows these associates to pick and choose where they would like to help make a difference.

In Dallas alone the associates are working with Hope Supply Co. to make a difference in the lives of homeless children and families. They have been doing this collaboration with Hope Supply Co. for four years and look forward to many more. The tornadoes that devastated parts of Texas in 2016 showed the power that Stream could muster to make a difference. Together with the Salvation Army they were able to raise thousands of dollars for the victims of the storms. Dallas area veterans and their families know that Stream Energy employees are ready to be there for them in more ways than monetarily. The employees banded together and gave rides to a luncheon to vets and their families who were struggling.

This kind of charity is something that speaks volumes for the kind of company Stream Energy is and the kind of employees they have. With their new philanthropic move called Stream Cares the company hopes to make an even bigger dent in the needs of people who really need a hand. Stream Cares and the Stream Care Foundation showed it’s strength during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. This extremely catastrophic storm left parts of Texas literally under water and it was Stream Energy that was one of the first to get out there and help.

The people running this corporation and working for it are changing the way others will do business as well. This kind of give back to the community should set a precedence for how to take care of where and who you live with. It’s really a beautiful thing to see in corporate America.


President of Wax Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm Casselle is well known in the Gaming Industry. He plays a major part in the Company called OPSkins. OPSkins has the lead in sales all over the world for virtual gaming. Malcolm’s Company, OPSkins, is also known for their financial money services. They are merchants in the bit coin currency. Crypto is another type of virtual currency that is provided for clientele. Malcolm continues to be a global leader for virtual gaming and new forms of profitable currency.

Malcolm Casselle is a founder of the OPSkins Company. He is also the President of the World Wide Asset Exchange. His Exchange Company also goes by the name WAX. His success in Business started in the year 1995. During this time, he helped create one of the first successful Production Websites called Net Noir. His job at Net Noir was to help promote different types of culture in social media. Malcolm helped this Website become part of a green house program on the world wide web. Casselle’s next adventure was from the years 1998 to 2002. He became the Vice President of a Business called Cyber Works. He ended up staying with this Hong Kong based Business for over a decade. Malcolm was seen as a very successful Business man at this point in his career.

Malcolm Casselle’s passion for Business ventures continued. He became the CEO of Xfire in spring of 2012. Xfire gave video game players a social media outlet on the Internet. In the year 2013, Malcolm dipped into several Business ventures. Firstly, he started working with a digital online Company called Media Pass. He helped bring in profits from clientele subscriptions. Secondly, he became a founder of a social media Business. Malcolm named it Time Line Labs. An International Company, called Sea Change Digital Media, was his last adventure that year. Malcolm became the over head Manager and Vice President of Sea Change Media. Malcolm Casselle is globally known as a leader of Internet based Companies and innovator for new forms of banking currencies.


Dr. Mark Holterman and How He’s Able To Survive The Medical Practice Despite Malpractice Threats

It’s hard for doctors to ultimately have a grip on themselves, knowing the stressors they experience daily and the medical malpractice threats that they encounter every single day they’re on hospital duty. One of the rare physicians who have proven their strength, bravery, and endurance for such challenges is Dr. Mark Holterman, and he’s right now a successful surgeon mainly for withstanding such difficulties (http://markjholterman.strikingly.com/).

It is said by the wise philosopher Nassim Taleb that the more stress you receive, up to a certain point, the stronger you become if you let your body rest. This has not been nearer to the truth than in the case of Dr. Mark Holterman, where the fact that he’s strong is rooted in the central truth that he’s opening himself to more challenges.


The Warrenville Surgeon

You may have heard of the name of Dr. Mark Holterman from the fact that he comes from Warrenville, Illinois and has made a name being a surgeon that got formally trained from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He’s been in practice and service for numerous patients and across a variety of niche for more than 20 years now, and the fact that he’s still here today means that he has more people to help and assist medically.


Insurance Accepted

It is part of professional practice always to uphold the authenticity of various insurance firms. Dr. Mark is no different. In his practice, he is gladly accepting insurance programs of a different variety, including the insurance from Aetna HMO, Aetna Choice POS OO, and BCBS Blue Card PPO. Right now, there are no hospitals yet affiliated with Dr. Mark, but the fact that he is in a network that accepts these insurance programs makes him still one of the most sought-after physicians/surgeons in the state.



From the word go, Dr. Mark has already been a consistent achiever. The fact that he finished at the University of Virginia, where he did his residency in General Surgery and that he was a fellow at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center makes it even more reassuring for his patients to believe in what he prescribes and offers.